New WWBridge experience-successful webinar "Russian Cosmetics System and Licensing Procedure"

New WWBridge experience-successful webinar "Russian Cosmetics System and Licensing Procedure"

Posted on Jun 04 Opportunity EAC, TR CU, and Cosmetics


To enter the Russian market, almost every manufacturer or importer of products faces the need to assess the conformity of products . Depending on the type of product, the conformity assessment can be carried out in the form of the Certificate or a declaration of conformity.

The webinar was fully prepared by WWBridge specialists, was full of details and practical advice, based on real cases and opinions of highly qualified experts. The speaker of the webinar was Amina Tarchokova , Team leader of WWBridge - EAEU / CIS.

The webinar allowed the participants of the webinar to form a general idea of the process of entering the Russian market, to get useful tools, instructions, ready-made solutions that can simplify the way to enter the Russian market.

The webinar agenda was:

  1. Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member-states and main approval forms
  2. Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  3. State Registration Certificate (SRC)
  4. Requirements for getting the Declaration of Conformity
  5. Requirements for getting the State Registration Certificate
  6. Labeling and the EAC marking requirements for cosmetics
  7. Cosmetic ingredients : prohibited list, restricted list, positive list
  8. Requirements for physical and chemical, microbiological safety, toxicological clinical indicators
  9. Main steps to register the product
  10. Q&A session

Watch the first part of the webinar on our Youtube channel.

The participants of the webinar spoke positively about the content presented during the event and the level of expertise of our specialists:
"The webinar is really really helpful to understand the Russian regulatory scheme, espesiaaly Q&A session. Webinar contents are well organized and easy to understand," the webinar participants said.

The WWBridge team offers all interested parties the preparation of webinars on the topic of certification in any industry:

  • Hazardous industrial equipment
  • Electronic means
  • Means of communication (radio and telecom)
  • Construction materials
  • Measuring instruments
  • Automotive Industry (Spare parts)
  • Textiles (clothing, shoes and accessories)
  • Light industry (toys / furniture / packaging)
  • Cosmetics
  • Oils, special liquids and chemicals

WWBridge experts are aware of the latest know-how on Eurasian standards. We promise a high level of expertise and interesting and useful material! Please send requests for webinars to [email protected].

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