Metrology (PAC)

An overview of main requirements, this document does not belong to the EAC certification system, so assuming separate Pattern Approval Certificate for each country of destination – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine etcapplied products, procedures and timing to get the metrology approval for measuring devices.


Metrology (PAC)

This document does not belong to the EAC certification system, so assuming separate Pattern Approval Certificate for each country of destination – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine etc. 

To obtain the certificate, the following documents and steps are required:

  • Step 1: Preparing of technical documentation and development of tests methods

    This stage determine main applied standards that will be used in order to confirm the measuring range and accuracy of the certain device.
  • Step 2: Tests in the Russian laboratory / Test on the production site
    The accredited institute determine the way the test will be handled. They can be done in the Russian Laboratory, in this case, 3 samples will be required for tests or tests can be done on a production site. In the second case, the production site audit should be organized which means that two experts from Metrology Institute will visit the manufacturer to conduct the tests in his laboratory.
  • Step 3: Finalizing of results and development of the Verification and Calibration methodology

    Verification and Calibration methodology can be agreed with the manufacturer. This stage is also accompanied by tests reporting and amendmenting the technical documentation (if required).
  • Step 4: Applying to VNIIMS for Expert Conclusion.

    VNIIMS is one of the main controlling structure in terms of metrology approval. It controls the accuracy of the tests reports and technical documentation and also decides whether all Russian standards were taken into account.
  • Step 5: Applying to ROSSTANDART for Pattern Approval Certificate (PAC)

    We can receive the PAC in 40 working days after all documents were approved by VNIIMS. This is the final stage which assumes the registration of the applied measuring device in the Russian register by the main regulator in this field – ROSSTANDART.

The whole process takes near 6 months from the beginning.

The Pattern Approval Certificate may be renewed for the next 5 years without site audit and without a re-examination of the product samples.

It should be noted, that the certificate may be renewed within the period of validity. 

 Prolongation is possible upon the following conditions:

  • 1. No significant changes as to the design of the equipment were introduced
  • 2. No changes to the calibration procedure were introduced
  • 3. There are no customer’s complaints about the quality of the measuring device.

Please note, that all the documents for renewal are to be submitted 40 business days prior to the expiration date of the previously issued certificate. It means that the inquiry should be sent at least 3 months before expiration date because some time will be required for contract and issuing of the expert recommendation (conclusion) for certificate renewal.

We will also need the hard copy of the initial Partner approval certificate.


There is also an additional procedure called Primary Verification which should be considered in the context of Certification of Measuring devices. This procedure is to be used only with regard to a certain batch of products that have been already had valid Pattern Approval Certificate. Each item from the batch should be verified in the accredited metrological institute and obtain Primary Verification Certificate according to the previously receive Verification Methodology while obtaining PAC.

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