Fire safety certificate (EMERCOM)

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Fire safety

Fire safety certificate (EMERCOM)


This Technical Regulation is applicable only for products that are to be exported to the Russian Federation which means that every country in Customs union, such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirgizia, and also other CIS countries, such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan etc have their own analogue of Fire Safety Certificate and you need to get approval in each of destination country. 

The Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union (TR EAEU 043/2017) which allows issuing one documents for all CU countries came in force from January 1, 2020. Main points are highlighted in through the following link.


There is two product group that normally are subjected to fire safety requirements:
1. Fire protection equipment such as home fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire-protection modules, fire-safety valves, hydrants etc.
2. Building and construction materials such as wallpaper, carpeting, cable boxes, curtains, upholstery, baseboards etc.


The main approval document is – Fire Safety Certificate of conformity. There are also some products that need The Fire Safety Declaration of Conformity. 


Any product that is passed through certification procedure according to Fire Safety requirements needs to be tested in the Russian laboratory which defines whether it guarantees the applied and required level of safety in case of fire protection equipment and the Fire Safety Index in case of building and construction materials.

The example of the fire index for building materials:

Fire hazard characteristics of building materials Fire hazard class of building materials depending on groups

Fire safety index КМ0 is corresponding to НГ (Flammability index)

Fire safety index КМ1 is corresponding to Г1 (Flammability index) + В1 (Combustibleness  index) + Д2 (Smoke-generating index) + Т2 (Toxicity index) + РП1 (Flame spreading index) 

Fire safety index КМ2 is corresponding to Г1 (Flammability index) + В2 (Combustibleness index) + Д2 (Smoke-generating index) + Т2 (Toxicity index) + РП1 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ3 is corresponding to Г2 (Flammability index) + В2 (Combustibleness index) + Д3 (Smoke-generating index) + Т2 (Toxicity index) + РП2 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ4 is corresponding to Г3 (Flammability index) + В2 (Combustibleness index) + Д3 (Smoke-generating index) + Т3(Toxicity index) + РП2 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ5 is corresponding to Г4 (Flammability index) + В3 (Combustibleness index) + Д3 (Smoke-generating index) + Т4(Toxicity index) + РП4 (Flame spreading index) 

The tests show fire safety characteristics of your product and also determine the competitiveness of the product on the market because the index from fire safety certificate has a significant influence on the consumer decision especially in case of governmental projects.
Here it is important to note that there is no harmonization in European and The Russian Federation systems of certification. It means that foreign test reports cannot be accepted for obtaining Russian Fire Safety Certificate. 


Fire safety certification of fire protection equipment has also some important features. For example, this kind of equipment assumes the obligatory production site audit that is aimed at checking the Quality Management System (QMS) and also sampling some items for tests. Here we are working in close collaboration with our experts from the special department Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation (so-called EMERCOM).
So you can apply for additional information for any product no matter you are producing wallpapers or complicated fire-extinguishing systems. We are always pleased to help you with each of the stages.


Looking forward to receiving you inquiry with basic information:
1. Product type and the range of applied models
2. Technical Description
3. Bill of materials in case of building and construction products
4. HS Code

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