Jul 05


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How to Find a Reliable Supplier for Your Business: Expert Tips

Finding a reliable supplier is crucial for any business aiming for stable growth and development. Mistakes in this process can lead to significant financial losses, delays in deliveries, and decreased product quality. Below are the main challenges...

Jun 27


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How to Find a Reliable Partner in China: The Key to Successful International Certification

In an era of globalization and market expansion, choosing a reliable partner in China becomes a crucial factor for the successful international certification of products. Chinese laboratories and manufacturing facilities offer great opportunities, but it is essential to know how to select a partner that can meet high standards and requirements.

Jun 17


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Preparing Products for Certification in the UAE: Important Nuances

When preparing products for certification in Dubai, there are many subtleties and nuances to consider. What may seem like minor details can sometimes seriously complicate the process, slow it down, or even risk rejection. Example 1: Transport...

Jun 11


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International Certification: Your Gateway to New Markets

International product certification is often perceived by companies as a complex and costly process that hinders entry into foreign markets. However, if viewed from a different angle, certification opens up new opportunities for export-oriented...

May 07


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Navigating the Complexities of Food Product Certification in the UAE

Understanding the UAE Market for Food Products The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a lucrative market for food product manufacturers, with a growing population and a high demand for quality food items. However, entering this market requires careful...

Apr 15


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Specifics of Product Certification in the UAE (Dubai)

The market of the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, is extremely attractive for exporters from all over the world. A favorable tax system, developed infrastructure, and strategic location make Dubai an excellent springboard for entering the markets of the Middle East, Africa, and other regions.

Apr 12


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Partner Documentation: Trust But Verify

When preparing for product certification in new export markets, many companies make one common mistake - they rely on having comprehensive documentation provided by their contract manufacturers. But detailed verification often reveals that test reports, certificates, and other papers are not in proper order.

Aug 22


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Certifying a Wireless Pressure Sensor in Brazil: A Comprehensive Guide

Venturing into Brazil with Confidence Brazil's rigorous standards for technology and safety equipment reflect its commitment to quality and the safety of its residents. For those looking to introduce a wireless pressure sensor into this market,...

Aug 15


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Unlocking Brazil's Industrial Sector: Steps to Certify Your Explosion-Proof Devices

In Brazil, equipment intended for use in explosion-proof zones must mandatorily obtain certification from a third party to confirm compliance with the relevant INMETRO administrative rule - Portaria INMETRO No. 179/2010.

Jul 21


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How to Certify Medical Equipment in Brazil

In a world where healthcare needs are steadily expanding, every country is a potential market for quality medical equipment. Brazil, being one of the largest and most populous countries in South America, is no exception.

Jul 18


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Certifying a Telecommunication Module for Export to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

In today's interconnected world, the demand for reliable and cutting-edge telecommunication modules is on the rise. However, expanding into new markets requires manufacturers to navigate complex regulatory frameworks.

Jul 18


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Unlocking the Eurasian Market: The Power of EAEU Telecom Certification

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) presents a vast and lucrative market for telecom equipment manufacturers. To access this market, obtaining the necessary certifications is crucial.

Jul 07



Navigating ANVISA Cosmetic Certification in Brazil

Cosmetics certification in Brazil is overseen by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, known as ANVISA. ANVISA establishes strict regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of cosmetic products in the market.

Jun 26



Vending Machine Certification Case in South Africa


The vending machine certification market in South Africa is growing. Certification plays a vital role in ensuring compliance with the necessary standards and regulations, while also increasing consumer trust and gaining the confidence of authorities.

Jun 23



Certification Of Telecom Equipment In South Africa: Documentation, Preparation, And Testing Guide

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry in South Africa, certification of telecom equipment plays a crucial role in successful market penetration and regulatory compliance. However, to navigate the certification process successfully,...

Dec 01



Product certification according to European standards

CE certification allows the free sale of products throughout the European Community. Proof of conformity of products with European technical legislation, with the right to mark products with the CE mark (CE certification) for exporters to the European Community countries is a mandatory procedure.

Nov 30



Fast certification procedures in the UAE

For many products, entry to the local UAE market is possible only with mandatory certification. Let's say you already have orders from the Emirates. There is a demand, it's up to the permits. And here you are waiting for ornate schemes of local certification and obtaining a license for sale. The process is delayed, sales are not going. Customers "burn out".

Nov 23



How to Certify Food Products in China quickly (GACC Approval)

GMA GMA, China, and Food

Entering the Chinese market may not be that easy due to lots of pitfalls since the regulations here have been established for domestic producers. That is why many of them might seem unobvious or untransparent. Recently the situation has become even more complicated because of new regulations keeping come into force.

Oct 07



How to get ROHS test reports for Saudi Arabia

The RoHS directive is binding primarily on the markets of the European Union, however, due to the globalization of the electronics industry, it has quickly become the standard on world markets. We want to share a case on how to quickly and...

Sep 27



How to perform Radio/ EMC certification in South Korea

Today, the Republic of Korea is one of the twenty most developed economies in the world and is the fourth economy in Asia and is based mostly on high-tech. Let's talk today about Radio/ EMC certification in South Korea.

Sep 21



WWBridge took part in Automechanika Frankfurt

At Automechanika Frankfurt, the most popular export destinations were: USA, Europe, Japan, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, North Africa.

Jul 04


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Lifehacks of doing business with partners from India

In recent years, India has shown rapid growth in economic terms. According to the calculations of the International Monetary Fund, India ranks 3rd in terms of GDP in terms of purchasing power parity, ahead of such major market players as Japan,...

Jun 20



The City of the Future in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is developing rapidly and is a tempting region for conquering a new market. Today we want to tell you about the city of the future in Saudi Arabia.

Jun 10


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WWBridge took part in the COMM Wireless Japan 2022 exhibition

WWBridge employees visited one of the most expected exhibitions on wireless and mobile networks EXPO COMM Wireless Japan 2022.

Apr 25



Import of food supplements into India

GMA GMA and Food

Doing business in India has huge potential for growth. One of the promising areas in India is the food supplement market, as there has recently been a growing interest in this type of product.

Apr 19



Production site audit in Turkey

Some kind of certification scheme may require an factory audit. It can be done both online and offline. WWBridge offers both formats for a factory audit. In this article, we want to share our experience in auditing a textile production facility located in Turkey.

Apr 04


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Options for electrical products, R and TT products to get access to the market of Israel

Let's talk today about radio and telecom products as well as electrical products for Israel market access.

Apr 01


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Telecom approval in Brazil. ANATEL certification


Brazil assumes two types of approval procedures – ANATEL and INMETRO. ANATEL stands for Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações.

Mar 28


Enerdoor ce certification consulting

Is CE marking for LED lights necessary for European market?

CE marking means that the manufactured product meets EU safety, health and environmental standards that have been stipulated by legislation.

Mar 18



Strength calculation. What is it and why it is important for TR CU 032

Strength calculation is a document proving that a product can withstand big loads and operate under different harsh (or even extreme) conditions

Mar 17


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Temporary changes in product certification in the EAEU

WWBridge informs of several changes in certification that have been introduced in March, 2022.

Mar 09


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TR CU 017 “On the safety of light industry products”: main criteria to define the approval document form

TR CU 017 “On the safety of light industry products” regulates certification for textiles, clothes, shoes designed for adults.

Mar 03



Additional Services of WorldWideBridge

It’s always good to have a partner who you could rely on while dealing with a certain aspect of the exportation process. Having a 10+ years’ experience WorldWideBridge team has recommended itself as a trust worthy and qualified certification partner. But isn’t it even better to know that your good old partner can also support you in other spheres related to export and market access?

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