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Construction materials is a large product group that assumes a wide range of possible approval types in order to be successfully imported to the Customs Union countries such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakstan, Aremnia, Kyrgizia and also to other CIS countries as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tadjilistan etc. The thing is that existing standards are not harminised in CIS countries that means that each country requires separate certificate/declaration or other approval document required by inner legal documents of the country of designation.

We should take into consideration the fact that construction materials group can include different products whose certification rules are already highlighted in another sections of our web-site. 

As an example we can consider the following products types as construction materials:

CABLES. Most power cables are to be certified according to the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 004 “On the safety of low-voltage equipment” (TR CU 004/2011). More details can be found through the following link;

HEATING ELEMENTS. such as heat-insulated floor which also subjected to TR CU 004/2011 (LVD);

FLUIDS. For construction (patching material, primers, glues, cleaning agents, protecting lacquer, acrylic and enamel paints) require the State Registration Certificate.

Some construction materials such as METALS AND MATALWARE, NATURAL STONE MATERIALS AND ARTIFICIAL STONE MATERIALS, CONCRETE, MORTAR etc fall under GOST-R regulations and mostly on the voluntary basis. The basic article about GOST-R approval can be found through the following link.

FINISHING WORKS, THERMO-INSULATING, SOUNDPROOF AND FIREPROOF MATERIALS, CARPERTING MATERIALS AND OTHER DECOR ITEMS (wall-to-wall carpeting, wallpapers, wooden materials for finishing works, linoleum, floorboard etc.) are subjected to Fire Safety approval that can be realized in form of Certificate of Conformity or Declaration of conformity. This is an obligatory approval document that can be issued for 5 years validity. Main requirements to the certification process are stated by the Federal Law #123 “Technical Regulations on Fire Safety” dated June 22, 2008.

Any product that is passed through certification procedure according to Fire Safety requirements needs to be tested in the Russian laboratory which defines whether it guarantees the applied and required level of safety in case of fire protection equipment and the Fire Safety Index in case of building and construction materials. 

The example of the fire index for building materials:

Fire hazard characteristics of building materials Fire hazard class of building materials depending on groups

Fire safety index КМ0 is corresponding to НГ (Flammability index)

Fire safety index КМ1 is corresponding to Г1 (Flammability index) + В1 (Combustibleness index) + Д2 (Smoke-generating index) + Т2 (Toxicity index) + РП1 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ2 is corresponding to Г1 (Flammability index) + В2 (Combustibleness index) + Д2 (Smoke-generating index) + Т2 (Toxicity index) + РП1 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ3 is corresponding to Г2 (Flammability index) + В2 (Combustibleness index) + Д3 (Smoke-generating index) + Т2 (Toxicity index) + РП2 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ4 is corresponding to Г3 (Flammability index) + В2 (Combustibleness index) + Д3 (Smoke-generating index) + Т3(Toxicity index) + РП2 (Flame spreading index)

Fire safety index КМ5 is corresponding to Г4 (Flammability index) + В3 (Combustibleness index) + Д3 (Smoke-generating index) + Т4(Toxicity index) + РП4 (Flame spreading index)

The tests show fire safety characteristics of your product and also determine the competitiveness of the product on the market because the index from fire safety certificate has a significant influence on the consumer decision especially in case of governmental projects.
Here it is important to note that there is no harmonization in European and The Russian Federation systems of certification. It means that foreign test reports cannot be accepted for obtaining Russian Fire Safety Certificate. 

In order to apply for certification of any kind of construction materials please prepare the following information: 

  • product type and applied model range;
  • technical description of the product (including composition and materials list if required).
  • HS code (Customs code);
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Technichal regulations and certificates required for these products

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