The process of ANATEL certification, approval forms in the ANATEL system, product list for ANATEL certification, ANATEL marking.

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ANATEL certification

Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações is a government regulatory body in Brazil that specifies requirements for certification and commercialization of telecommunication devices and radio-frequency means from the side of used frequencies and technologies. 


All products that need to be certified in the ANATEL system mentioned in the Act NO. 7280, of November 26, 2020. This List includes the following product groups:

  • antennas
  • energy accumulators(batteries)
  • coaxial cables
  • optical cables and fiberoptics
  • data transmission cables
  • telephone cables
  • chargers for mobile phone and lithium batteries
  • switching centers
  • connectors
  • broadcasting equipment
  • rf equipment (exceptbroadcasting) such as rf power amplifiers, terminal access stations – eta, modems for digital transceivers, radio frequency repeaters, digital transmitters and transceivers, cellular mobile phones, base station transceivers, etc.
  • optical equipment
  • data communication equipment
  • terminal equipment
  • ip terminal equipment(wireless)
  • telephone wires
  • protective modules
  • digital multiplex
  • rectifier systems
  • splitters
  • rectifier units


 There are two main approval forms in the ANATEL system:

  • The Certificate of conformity
  • The Declaration of conformity

Most of the products from the List fall under Certification. Near 15% of products need to be declared. ANATEL certificate of conformity does not give the opportunity to sell products in Brazil. It just shows that the product meets all necessary technical requirements and can successfully and safely operate as a part of the Brazilian telecommunication system. So, there is one more approval document, the so-called ANATEL Homologation Certificate that gives you opportunity to enter the Brazilian market with your products and sell it to all interested parties. It is to be issued under the Certificate of conformity. In such a way, the manufacturer should also apply ANATEL Homologation Certificate in order the product can be successfully commercialized in Brazil.


Step 1: What should we start with? First of all the manufacturer should apply for the tests. The thing is that ANATEL does not assume recognition of foreign test reports. All tests are to be conducted in-country, in accredited certification laboratories.

Step 2: When ANATEL test reports are ready we can apply for ANATEL certificate of conformity through the accredited certification body (OCD).

Step 3: And the final step is appling to ANATEL for the Certificate of Homologation.

All process takes 2-3 months and can be started only through the Local company (so-called Local Representative). This company takes responsibility for product quality, marketing, technical support, and warranty. But it can be also a third party if there is still no distributor in Brazil. As soon as you find a trade partner there you can ask the local representative for an authorization letter, so, he can use the issued documents of conformity.



All products certified under ANATEL requirements need to be Marked with ANATEL sigh as below before crossing the border:

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