translation of such documents as: technical passport, user manual, contract etc. and maintaining the certification process.

Don’t spend valuable time and money searching for an additional provider of legal and technical translations. WWBridge proves free translations of drafts and equipment descriptions as we uphold your project’s import/export procedures.

When you don't know any reliable translation agencies in Russia

There is no shortage of agencies in Russia boasting their translation services. However, this is certainly a shortage of agencies qualified to render these services. WWBridge takes great pride in our linguistic abilities, and we are committed to offering you a translated document that is up to native standard. You can trust that we will translate your documents with both accuracy and discretion. We understand that your documents may be sensitive in nature, and we are secure in our company and handle these documents professionally and with confidentiality.

When you are not sure about the quality of professional translation

There is a wide gap between conversational fluency and professional fluency, and this gap is important to consider when selecting a company for your translations. WWBridge is familiar with the technical business sphere and we employ highly fluent individuals in our staff. We excel in technical translations and we are confident in our ability to provide you with a final product that is in total compliance with the second language.

When the prices for translation from a language into and out of Russian language are high

Translating a technical document in and out of Russian requires great attention to detail and earnest time spent selecting the appropriate wording both individually and contextually. Because this is such a complex task with endless consequences for mistakes, the technical translation industry can be very costly. We believe that this service is a natural part of doing business in this industry, and we offer the translation of all documentation involving your project through the course of the import/export preparation and execution stages without charge. We believe in handling these translations in-house, as involving the fewest number of parties keeps things as simple as possible.

Privacy and safety concerns

Taking your personal and professional documents to an unknown agency can be uncomfortable, as one’s ability to fluently speak a language does not guarantee anything about their personal character. In circumstances of classified information and trade secrets, it is important to utilize a service that you can trust with your documents.

We provide the translation of such documents as: technical passport, user manual, contract etc. This way you can concentrate on your business while we are doing what we do best – maintaining the certification process.

Our team fluently speaks an impressive number of languages and is ready to provide you with professional and reliable bilingual translations in: English, German, Spanish and French.

We are confident that we will easily reach mutual understanding and enjoy a pleasant and strong business relationship!

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