Telecom (FAC approval)

Overview FAC Declaration of Conformity (FAC DoC) and FAC Certificate of conformity (FAC CoC). Also, there are such frequently used names as Telecom Declaration and Telecom Certificate. main requirements, applied products, procedures and timing to get Federal Telecommunication Agency approval (FAC)


Telecom (FAC approval)

All products that have an access to PTN Public Telecom Network (PTN) need to be Certified or Declared and registered through Ministry of  Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The approval documents are often called FAC Declaration of Conformity (FAC DoC) and FAC Certificate of conformity (FAC CoC). Also, there are such frequently used names as Telecom Declaration and Telecom Certificate. 


Federal Agency of Communication divides all PTC devices that fall under DoC in the following groups:

PNT that require FAC Declaration:
PNT that require FAC Certificate
  • Antennas;
  • Wireless phones;
  • Satellite systems
  • Cables;
  • Cable equipment;
  • Wire broadcasting equipment;
  • Office PBX;
  • Mobile phones;
  • Modems;
  • Software modified;
  • Intelligent network equipment;
  • Radio terminal equipment;
  • Terminal trunk equipment;
  • Data transmission systems;
  • Television equipment;
  • Telegraph terminal equipment;
  • Auxiliary phone devices;
  • Phones;
  • Phones with auto-answer;
  • Fax machines;
  • Power suppliers.
  • City Switches;
  • Combined Switch Systems;
  • Switches;
  • Concentrators;
  • International, Intercity Switch;
  • Wireless Access equipment;
  • Radio broadcasting equipment;
  • Radio modem;
  • Radio Relay equipment;
  • Trunk terminals;
  • Rural Switches;
  • Transmission Systems;
  • Billing Systems;
  • Control System;
  • Data Transmission Systems;
  • Cellular Mobile Communications;
  • Satellite Systems Equipment;
  • Network Access Tools;
  • TV equipment;
  • Telegraph subscriber equipment;
  • Office PABX;
  • Additional functions of City Switches.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned groups you can make a preliminary assessment of what approval document you need. You can also apply to us for an initial consultation via [email protected].


Obtaining the Telecom Declaration of conformity differs from Telecom Certification process.

1. The FAC DoC can be issued for more than 3 years comparing with CoC. You can choose the validity that is relevant to the usual product life of the model you apply for approval.
2. The FAC DoC can be issued only for one model. So each additional model requires a separate process of declaring. At the same time, the CoC can consist of several model names.
3. It takes over a month to register the DoC and 3-4 months to issue the CoC. Both procedure assuming the functionality tests of the product. Moreover, in some cases on-line tests at the provider’s site are applicable. Everything depends on the product.
4. The last difference between the Declaration and Certification process refers to the holder of the approval document. In case of DoC the holder is the local company in Russia. So, the foreign manufacturer should have a partner in Russia that will apply for this document to FAC on the base of representative agreement with the manufacturer. The CoC can be issued directly on behalf of foreign manufacturer but anyway it is hard to imagine the successful process without local certification agent such as WorldWideBridge LLC.


Finally, all declarations and Certificates are to be registered in the FAC register. This register has no common with EAC register which is to be used by customs clearance officers. So, you can not provide FAC DoC or CoC instead of EAC DoC or CoC. Actually, FAC approval documents are not requested while the customs clearance procedure.


It is important to note that FAC Certificates and Declaration would never be accepted in Kazakstan, Belarus of other Customs union(CU) countries that have their own system of Telecom approval which means that EAC mark is not applicable for such FAC equipment unless it was certified in accordance with Technical Regulation of the Customs union.


For more information please apply to our specialist or just send us an inquiry with brief technical description and telecommunication parameters.For more information please apply to our specialist or just send us an inquiry which includes:
  • brief technical description
  • telecommunication parameters (used standards of PTN connection)
  • HS Code Looking forward to receiving your inquiries

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