Certification in Chile: SUBTEL (telecom), SEC (security) and energy efficiency.

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Certification in Chile:

  • SUBTEL (telecom)
  • SEC (security) and energy efficiency


SUBTEL (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones) is the telecommunications regulatory agency in Chile. Chilean Telecommunications Supervisory Authority is responsible for the control and supervision of telecommunications services in Chile.


Products requiring SUBTEL approval include:

  • Portable transceivers
  • Remote radio control
  • Wireless microphones
  • Cordless telephones, including some DECT systems
  • RFID equipment
  • radio signals
  • Communication systems for medical implantation
  • Other equipment used for medical purposes
  • Equipment used as radar systems in vehicles
  • ZigBee devices

Is SUBTEL Mandatory/Voluntary?


Testing for SUBTEL

For SUBTEL No factory audit needed, sample testing required according to product type. Chile does not require domestic testing in most cases. Generally, existing test reports for the homologation process can be used .

Local representative required?

Certificate validity period


Additional certification - SAE Homologation

If the product is a mobile phone using Chilean cellular networks, the process will change. The process for this type of product requires the involvement of the homologation authority to determine which bands/technologies the model is operating in and the homologation authority must issue the certificate. This route for mobile phones is called multi-band/SAE Homologation .

If the device can be assigned to these technology categories, a homologation certificate will be issued after receiving a certificate of conformity from a registered Chilean test center.

If a device cannot be classified in these categories, the manufacturer must obtain a "special approval" from SUBTEL.


The use of the certification mark is regulated differently in Chile than in many other countries. A device using wireless technology does not need to be marked with a certification label - neither on the product itself, nor on the packaging, nor in the instructions.

The only exception are mobile phones using 2G/3G/4G technologies that are certified under Multiband/SAE Homologation . Manufacturers are required to print an appropriate label on the product packaging, in which case a minimum height of 3 cm must be taken into account. The certification label must clearly indicate in which frequency bands the product operates. An example label is detailed below:

SAE Homologation

Is country-specific certification required or is CE/FCC approval sufficient?

Country specific certification required.

SUBTEL main solutions:

Resolution 1985, 2017: Resolution 1985, 2017 amends the allowable frequency bands for device maximum radiated power and field strength, and clears confusion about allowable frequency bands for indoor and outdoor use.

Resolution 840, 2007: Updates Resolution 755, 2005 to allow the use of very low power devices not covered by Resolution 755.

Resolution 666, 2008: Updates Resolution 755, 2005 to allow the use of other low power devices not covered by Resolution 755.

Registration deadlines

The current time for approval and certification by SUBTEL is 6-8 weeks.

SEC (security) and energy efficiency


The manufacture, importation and commercialization of certain products in Chile require mandatory safety certification and, in some cases, energy efficiency certification , as set by the SEC (Electricity and Fuel Regulatory Authority).

Products requiring SEC approval include:

  • Electrical products
  • Appliances
  • Switches, sockets and sockets
  • Energy measurement devices
  • Luminaires and accessories
  • Individual protection means
  • Material for plumbing construction and installation works
  • Steel bars used in construction with reinforced concrete
  • fire extinguishers
  • Products using gas and liquid fuels

There are labeling requirements that apply and sample testing in Chile is required for safety approval and energy efficiency certification .


Testing required in the country


Local representative required


Дabel marking requirements


Certificate validity period


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