ANVISA is responsible for regulating and overseeing various products related to health, sanitation, and consumer safety in Brazil.



ANVISA certification

ANVISA Certification refers to the process of obtaining certification from the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency, known as ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária). ANVISA is responsible for regulating and overseeing various products related to health, sanitation, and consumer safety in Brazil.

ANVISA Certification is mandatory for certain products that are intended for sale or use in Brazil. It is a regulatory requirement that ensures the compliance of products with specific health, safety, and quality standards set by ANVISA.

Product List for ANVISA Certification:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Food and Beverages
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
  • Sanitizing Agents

Pharmaceuticals: ANVISA oversees the certification of various pharmaceutical products, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and vaccines. Certification ensures that these products meet the required safety, efficacy, and quality standards.

Medical Devices: ANVISA regulates and certifies a wide range of medical devices, such as diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, implants, and prosthetics. Certification is essential to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of these devices.

Food and Beverages: ANVISA establishes regulations for the production, import, and sale of food and beverages in Brazil. Certain categories, such as infant formula, dietary supplements, and novel ingredients, require ANVISA certification to ensure consumer safety and adherence to labeling requirements.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: ANVISA regulates the cosmetics industry and certifies the safety and quality of cosmetic products, including skincare, haircare, and personal care items. Certification ensures compliance with specific standards and regulations.

Sanitizing Agents: ANVISA is responsible for certifying sanitizing agents, including disinfectants and sterilization products used in various settings such as hospitals, food processing facilities, and public spaces. Certification ensures their efficacy and safety.

Documents Required for ANVISA Certification

When applying for ANVISA certification, several documents are typically required. These may include product information, manufacturing processes, labeling details, technical specifications, safety data sheets, quality control procedures, and proof of compliance with relevant regulations. World Wide Bridge, with its extensive experience, can assist you in compiling and submitting the necessary documentation accurately and efficiently.

Product Testing for ANVISA Certification

In some cases, ANVISA may require product testing to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. The specific testing requirements depend on the type of product being certified. Testing may include microbiological analysis, chemical composition evaluation, performance assessment, and stability studies. World Wide Bridge can guide you through the testing process, helping you select reliable laboratories and ensuring compliance with ANVISA's testing criteria.

Steps to Obtain ANVISA Certification


Assessment and Analysis: World Wide Bridge begins by evaluating your product and business requirements to determine the scope of ANVISA certification. This step involves identifying the specific regulations and standards applicable to your industry.

Documentation Preparation: Our expert team assists in preparing the required documentation, ensuring all necessary information is accurately presented and meets ANVISA's stringent requirements.

Submission and Review: We handle the submission of your application to ANVISA and closely monitor the review process. Our team remains in constant communication with ANVISA, addressing any queries or additional documentation requests promptly.

Compliance Verification: ANVISA may conduct inspections or audits to verify compliance with regulations. World Wide Bridge provides support during these inspections, ensuring your facility and processes align with ANVISA's requirements.

Certification Issuance: Upon successful completion of the review process and verification of compliance, ANVISA issues the certification. World Wide Bridge helps you navigate this final step, ensuring smooth receipt of the ANVISA certification.

How Long Does the ANVISA Certification Process Take?

The duration of the ANVISA certification process can vary depending on several factors. This includes the complexity of the product, the completeness and accuracy of the documentation submitted, and the current workload of ANVISA authorities. On average, the process may take several months, including application review, compliance verification, and possibly product testing.

Why Choose World Wide Bridge?

Working with World Wide Bridge offers several advantages for companies seeking ANVISA certification:

Extensive Experience: With over a decade of experience in the certification industry, World Wide Bridge possesses in-depth knowledge of ANVISA's processes, requirements, and regulations.

Strong Regional Network: Our company has forged strong relationships with reliable suppliers and partners in Brazil, enabling us to provide comprehensive support tailored to the local market.

Streamlined Process: We guide you through each step of the ANVISA certification process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and adherence to deadlines.

Customized Solutions: World Wide Bridge recognizes that each client's needs are unique. We offer tailored solutions that align with your business objectives and budget, ensuring a seamless certification process.

Begin your journey towards ANVISA certification

By choosing World Wide Bridge as your partner in ANVISA certification, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your success in navigating the ANVISA certification process and achieving market entry in Brazil. We understand the complexities and challenges involved, and we are here to provide guidance, support, and personalized solutions every step of the way. Contact us by phone +971 52 337 4403 or  send us your inquiry through [email protected].

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