WWBridge Team

WWBridge Team

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"Our company is a small bridge to our big world. But if everybody builds its bridge, there will be peace."

Ksenia Maksiukova

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Consulting and maintanance

If you need an expert advice in the certification field, please apply for our consultation services. Our managers will gladly explain t... Learn more

Legal support

If your company is preparing to enter the Russian market but has no established communications with the local legal entities, then our legal support services are definitely for you.

Delivery of samples and customs support

Rest assured that your product samples will be delivered safely and smoothly through Customs and Borders without delays or... Learn more

Letter of invitation

Sometimes, when a site audit is required, a representative expert will need to obtain a visa to Russia or to one of the other CIS countries. ... Learn more


Don’t spend valuable time and money searching for an additional provider of legal and technical translations. WWBridge proves free translations of dra... Learn more


Ksenia Maksiukova

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Languages: English, Portuguese


Viktoriia Artemenko

Head of Certification Department

Languages: English


Kristina Shestakova

Head of Business Development

Languages: English, Spanish


Amina Tarchokova

Key Account Manager

Languages: English, Korean


Evgenia Kovaka

Key Account Manager

Languages: English, German


Maria Lazba

Account Manager

Languages: English, Turkish


Dmitry Kondratsky

Certification Department Specialist

Languages: English, Polish


Lora Kamaeva

HR and Marketing manager

Languages: English


Nadezhda Kyrbasova

Office manager

Languages: English

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