WWBridge Team

WWBridge Team

Gateway to CIS countries


"Our company is a small bridge to our big world. But if everybody builds its bridge, there will be peace."

Ksenia Maksiukova

Chief Executive Officer, Founder


WWBridge provides services for conducting tests in the laboratory for issuing a test report for further certification: SASO, ECAS.

Consulting and maintanance

If you need an expert advice in the certification field, please apply for our consultation services. Our managers will gladly explain t... Learn more

Legal support

If your company is preparing to enter the new countries but has no established communications with the local legal entities, then our legal support services are definitely for you.

Delivery of samples and customs support

Rest assured that your product samples will arrive safely and seamlessly through customs and border control without delays or any last-minute fees. Let our team take care of how, where, who and when.

Letter of invitation

Sometimes, when an audit of a facility is required, the expert's representative will need to obtain a visa. Save time and apply for B2World's... Learn more


Don’t spend valuable time and money searching for an additional provider of legal and technical translations. WWBridge proves free translations of dra... Learn more

Our team:

  • People with similar values work in our team: principles of openness, friendship and respect for each other, as well as for customers.
  • All team members know several foreign languages spoken by our clients.

Our priorities:

  • We value any customer very much
  • We dive deep into the client's request and provide high-quality advice
  • We work through the information with the client very carefully
  • We provide answers to the needs of our clients and competent advice in their native language
  • We take care of all certification, testing and consulting issues
  • We coordinate all communications with authorized bodies, laboratories and government organizations

We are ready to develop an individual solution and make your export process to new countries as smooth as possible. In case of any questions and requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected] or fill out the form below.


All regions

WWBridge is an international company that provides certification services worldwide.


Full service

WWBridge is ready to offer our assistance in obtaining new export permits or offer services for updating existing approval documents (certificates, declarations, etc.)



WWBridge has been working in the field of equipment certification since 2010 and has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of basic requirements for product certification procedures, approval documents and deadlines in many countries around the world.



WWBridge is a reliable partner who helps businesses enter the market by quickly and professionally conducting the necessary tests and certification.

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