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Certification services in Kuwait:

  • TER
  • TIR

Exporters and manufacturers of products subject to mandatory certification for shipment to Kuwait must ensure that those products comply with the requirements established by the Kuwait Quality Assurance Program (KUCAS).


KUCAS is the 'Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme'. The Scheme is a group of procedures carried out by PAI to verify the conformity of all Regulated Products to Kuwait's Technical Regulations on imported and domestic products alike in accordance with the regulations of this Scheme.

Who is responsible for implementing KUCAS?

The Public Authority for Industry for the State of Kuwait (PAI) has implemented the 'Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme' (KUCAS) as of 17 June 2006.

Technical Evaluation Report (TER)

A TER is the 'Technical Evaluation Report'. The TER is issued by an approved Certification/Inspection Body (CIB) on the basis of successful type testing or test report evaluation or in some cases transfer of existing Registrations/Licences of Regulated Products..Validity period of a TERThe TER validity period is the same as the validity period of the test report, i.e. 3 years for CB reports and 2 years for non-CB reports issued for electrical products. Test reports issued for all other products have a validity of 2 years from the date of issue.

Technical Inspection Report (TIR)

TIR also issued by one of the certification bodies based on the issued TER of the shipment with additional documents, after getting TIR you can get the

The following documents are required when applying for the TIR.

  • Request for TIR (RTIR)
  • Proforma invoice
  • Valid Statement of Registration/Licence (for existing registerred/licenced exporters)
  • Valid TER

How does the inspections process work?

Exporter would need to undergo inspection in the country of export by the same CIB (Certification/Inspection Body ) who had issued the TER. Inspection and testing (based on risk assessment and type of product) would be conducted prior to shipment by the relevant CIB.
Importers are required to submit the TIR to the KUCAS Conformity Unit who would then be able to verify the validity of both TIR and TER through their database which is constantly updated with the data transferred.

How to get Kuwait approval documents for your business?

• Call WWBridge or leave your request on our site to have a free consultation
• We help you choose the right type of certification
• You send all necessary documents for the certificate
• We sign a Contract
• We analyze the documents and prepare drafts
• You receive the certificate
• We close the project

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