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We provide: business invitation letter within the shortest time, Booking the hotel in Moscow or any city of the CIS region,Booking the flight,airport transfer

Sometimes, when a site audit is required, a representative expert will need to obtain a visa to Russia or to one of the other CIS countries. Save time and apply for one-window service at WWBridge. While providing you with start-to-finish support, WWBridge can act as your travel agent, and provide you will full service assistance.

In order to successfully obtain a Russian Visa, it is necessary to attach a letter of invitation from a Russian resident, documented proof that you will have accommodations during your time in the country, and a departing plane ticket. While this could mean any hotel is suitable, we understand the importance of finding a hotel near the manufacturing site, so that the representative/expert could save his or her time while commuting.

We provide full support in this field:

  • Offering the business invitation letter within the shortest time
    As a registered Russian company, we are able to generate or obtain the letter of invitation on your behalf, which will meet all standards for visa approval. The approximate time required for the letter of invitation ranges from 5-10 business days.
  • Booking the hotel in Moscow or any city of the CIS region
    Booking accommodations in an unfamiliar country can be stressful. We know what to look for in a good hotel in a safe area of whichever city you require. We will keep you close to your business destination, or near any specifications you may have.
  • Booking the flight
    WWBridge is happy to handle your flight scheduling. We will arrange the flight best suited to your time schedule, airport proximity, and lowest cost.
  • Arranging airport transfer Many airports are located far outside of city centers, and it is necessary to have a driver lined up to take you to your hotel or to your business point of contact upon arrival. We will arrange for you to be met at the airport safely by a reliable and helpful driver.

It is possible for us to handle the certification process from the very beginning until receiving the final documents. Our managers always keep you updated on the process’ progress.

There is no difference whether an expert is getting a letter of invitation to European Russian or to any other CIS country.

We already have broad experience in this field: a formal invitation letter for business is an established process that will not cause any issues to your company or to the visiting expert from the certification body.

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