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SRRC and NAL certification for radio-equipment

Certification body – SRTC (State Radio Monitoring and Testing Center)

Laboratory – MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)

NAL-Network Access License

A Network Access License (NAL) must be applied in addition to the SRRC Model test for telecommunications products connected to a public telecommunications network.

Passing the SRRC test is a prerequisite for obtaining NAL approval.

Description of the process SRRC Certification

  • Preparation of Application
  • Documents and Application Submission
  • Product test in China
  • Preparation of SRRC label
  • Receive SRRC Certificate with CMIIT ID
  • Marking of the Product

CMIIT ID-a code consisting of numbers and letters that are applied to products.

Without the CMIIT ID marking, no products can be imported and sold to China.

Process of the NAL certification

  • Getting the SRRC permission
  • Identification of the applicant company in China. An application for approval of the SRRC type can be submitted by a foreign company. For NAL approval, it is necessary that the applicant is a Chinese company
  • Trials. Additional product tests are required for NAL approval. They can be initiated in parallel with the SRRC type approval tests, so that the NAL approval application can be submitted immediately after receiving the SRRC type approval.
  • Getting a NAL
  • Getting a NAL label from MIIT (consisting of the certification number, device model number, and random code on a blue background)


SRRC and NAL: Applicant and Marking

SRRC marking – the applicant may be a foreign company.
The NAL applicant must be a Chinese company. This company must be a manufacturer of radio or telecommunications products, or at least sell such products in China.

If the manufacturer already has a subsidiary in China, they will need to file a claim as a bidder for NAL approval. It will be necessary to formalize a cooperation agreement, and send a letter to MIIT in which both parties confirm their cooperation in this process.
The SRRC certificate is issued in English and Chinese, while the NAL certificate is issued only in Chinese.

Products can be labeled only after issuing certificates. Labeling a product prior to approval may result in revocation of certificates and penalties.

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