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Types of certificates

We render


  • Pre-compliance
  • Product testing
  • Product certification
  • International approval
  • Certification of Conformity / Inspection by Country
  • Local Certification
  • Certification marks multi-national and national


  • GMA
  • Europe,
  • Middle East,
  • Africa,
  • Asia
  • Eurasia:
  • Russia,
  • Belarus,
  • Azerbaijan,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Uzbekistan,
  • Belarus,
  • Armenia,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Ukraine

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You are free to contact for inquiries for certification and general business issues connected with CIS countries.

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  • High quality
  • Wide range of services
  • Results orientation for the customer
  • Guaranteed receipt of a document
  • Personal attitude to each client
  • One-window service
  • Openness and transparency
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Consultation on your own language

Customer care

Most convenient and effective way to get all required documents for your business. You only need to provide us with a technical description of the product and we take care of the rest.


Based on your inquiry we render preliminary consulting services assessing all the project aspects: certificate type, execution time, list of required documents and final conclusion.


We work only with trusted authorities and laboratories that have a state accreditation. All certificates are officially issued and registered in the national database.

Saving time: quickly and accurately

Due to 11 years of experience we are aware of all the pitfalls in the certification process. We do our job quickly and accurately, which let you penetrate the market faster.

How Do We Work?

  • You leave a request for a callback with a description of your product: (Name of the product, HS Code, Technical data)
  • Our manager will contact you
  • We help you choose the right type of certification
  • You send all necessary documents for the certificate
  • We sign a Contract
  • We help you go through all the stages of obtaining the required certificate, depending on the requirements of the legislation (departure, testing, customs clearance, etc.)
  • You receive the certificate
  • We close the project
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