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Oct 20

Remote audit for EAC certification of light industry products (clothes, shoes, and accessories)

Remote audit for EAC certification of light industry products (clothes, shoes, and accessories)

Light industry products that are subject to certification according to TR CU 007 «On safety of products intended for children and teenagers» and TR CU 017 «On safety of light industry products» require a mandatory remote factory inspection that nowadays has become a legal procedure since all the borders are closed due to COVID-19. WWBridge team faces up with remote inspections every week. So, let’s go into detail of this new inspection type taking into consideration our experience and general rules.


Oct 20

Technical passport for TR CU 032 "On safety of pressure equipment"

Technical passport for TR CU 032 "On safety of pressure equipment"

The technical passport is considered as one of the most essential documents for any equipment. Here’s why: it indicates the basic information about the equipment. It’s always presented by the manufacturer regardless of the country of the manufacturer. And it must be in the Russian language or bilingual (Russian/English).


Aug 20

Getting a metrological certificate in Uzbekistan: our experience.

Getting a metrological certificate in Uzbekistan: our experience.

Each country has its own standards for certification of measuring equipment that is not covered by EAC and Uzbekistan is not an exemption. We have received an order for getting metrological certificate in Uzbekistan from an English company and we are proud to inform that after several months of hard work the project will be finalized soon. We would like to share our experience and describe the process of getting metrological certificate in Uzbekistan.

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Why certification is your key advantage

Facts only

Each country of the Commonwealth of Independent States has its own certification system that is aimed to guarantee the quality of the imported goods. There are the same reasons to approve your products no matter whether we speak about Customs Union countries - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirgizstan, or any other of CIS countries such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan etc.


Confirmed safety

GOST, STB, DSTU are countries' safety standards which are well-known to any citizen through the whole territory of CIS countries. They guarantee that products are manufactured in conformity with inner requirements of each country and can be freely used by the end user without risk for his health and life. The Certificates and other conformity documents also prove that the product was customized according to the technical background of designation country.


Open borders

Approval documents that are used to be common in CIS countries play also a role of the non-tariff regulating instrument during Customs clearance procedure. There are no goods that can be imported if the producer has not confirmed the quality and pass the certification procedure. Certificates, declarations, and other approval documents are obligatory starting from crossing the border and will be asked by Customs clearance office. The is why it is important to apply for approval and finalize the process before shipping the goods.

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Your competitive advantage

Entering the CIS market can be easier if your products are already certificated according to appropriate standards and so can be marked with the relevant conformity mark. This can be a valued competitive advantage during negotiation with potential customers and gave them the understanding that the first step was already done and this issue is closed. Information on obtained approval documents can be mentioned during the marketing events, in brochures, on specialized exhibitions, etc.

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Our specialists can consult you in your language. We speak Spanish, German, Portuguese, Korean, Polish and other languages. And also each member of our team speaks English.


As we are a local company we are always ready to resolve all issues more effectively applying directly to the specialized government authorities.

Hierarchical structure

We are cooperating with a wide range of certification bodies and aimed at handling will all required approval documents for certain equipment or product group.

Passage of time

The initial consultation can be provided to you thought the first call or lettering. We are also ready to provide you will detailed quote on a certain product in the short term.


We finished a lot of projects for key producers in Oil& Gas Industry, Automotive, and Chemical sphere, etc. Our clients are also global IT producers, and well-known service companies throughout the world.

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