More to come. A new “electrical” technical regulation TR EAEU 048/2019 is about to come soon

More to come. A new “electrical” technical regulation TR EAEU 048/2019 is about to come soon


TR EAEU 048/2019 “On requirements for the energy efficiency of energy-consuming devices”

It’s no doubt these steps simplify import for manufacturers: since new regulations cover all countries now you don’t have to face issuing approval documents for each country. So now where there was five now there is only one. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

There have been plenty of new regulation over the last years, and there are some more to come soon. Today we are going to look at one of them. This regulation is called TR EAEU 048/2019 “On requirements for the energy efficiency of energy-consuming devices”. As we can see from its name, this regulation controls the energy efficiency. The modern world is concerned about the ecology and interested in letting know the customers about the devices and their energy consumption. 

There’s a European Directive 2012/27/EU about the energy efficiency and now it’s high time for the EAEU to adopt a similar regulation.
The TR EAEU 048/2019 will come into force on September 1, 2022 and will become the fourth “electrical” technical regulation adopted in the Union after the TR CU 004 (low voltage) , TR CU 020 (electromagnetic compatibility) , and TR EAEU 037 (RoHS) . In accordance with the EAEU legislation there will be a “transition period” of 24 months when the regulation is not mandatory, but still many customers will require the approval documents thereof. After the transition period is over the customs services will demand the approval documents as well.

Forms of conformity to TR EAEU 048

The procedure of getting an approval document will not differ from the previous technical regulations (in case no amendments are applied). Depending on the product there may be either:

  • Declaration of conformity to TR EAEU 048,
  • Certificate of conformity to TR EAEU 048.

The Declaration of conformity to TR EAEU 048 implies two ways of issuing:

  • via manufacturer’s test reports (1d scheme, no samples required) 
  • or via tests in the accredited EAEU laboratory (3d scheme, samples required). 

The Certificate of conformity to TR EAEU 048 needs 

  • necessary site audit,
  • sample selection,
  • tests in the accredited EAEU laboratory,
  • annual inspection control after the certificate has been issued. 

The lists of products that are subject to the new regulation and the documents needed for them:

Declaration of conformity to TR EAEU 048

  • Refrigeration appliances
  • Electric asynchronous motors
  • TV sets
  • Household and office electrical equipment in standby and off mode
  • Household washing machines
  • Household dishwashers
  • External power supplies
  • Electric circulation pumps
  • Electric fans
  • Drum dryers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Water pumps
  • Air conditioners and room fans

Certificate of conformity to TR EAEU 048

  • Electric lamps
  • Non-ballast fluorescent lamps, high-pressure gas discharge lamps, ballasts and luminaires for such lamps
  • Directional lamps, LED lamps and related equipment
  • Computers and servers

WorldWideBridge will be happy to assist our clients when the new regulation is adopted. Please do not hesitate to ask for our help and consultation regarding it through [email protected].

By Dmitry Kondratsky
Certification Specialist. EAEU / CIS Department

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