Metrological certification: traps and pitfalls the producer should be conversant with before starting Pattern Approval Certification procedure

Metrological certification: traps and pitfalls the producer should be conversant with before starting Pattern Approval Certification procedure

Posted on Feb 11 Russian Market metrology

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Pattern Approval Certification

This document doesn’t belong to the EAC certification system, each country provides for a separate procedure.

Information about the general process and main steps could be found on our website in the section “Certification in Russia” . This time we will discuss clue factors that influence the quality and timing of the process.

LEAD TIME for Metrological certification

First, it is the LEAD TIME for Metrological certification. Usually, the general serial certification procedure takes 4-6 months including documentation development, testing, finalizing of the application, and registration. Many producers start the certification too late. For example, the lead time of the Batch certification also depends on the number of items but 3 months should be considered as a minimum as well.

SAMPLES for Metrological certification

The second issue is the requirement for SAMPLES. Samples provided for testing should be assembled, have all required accessories and operational instructions. One more interesting point is that Serial production certification requires at least 3 samples to be tested while Batch certification implies testing of each serial number item listed in the supply contract.

DATE OF PRODUCTION on the nameplate

 When we talk about serial production the producer should be also aware that the DATE OF PRODUCTION on the nameplate should be later than the date of the Certificate registration. The date of the production for the Batch certification doesn’t make sense as each item is tested and registered.


Once the Certificate is issued and the product is delivered to Russia it should pass the Primary calibration procedure also called Poverka. Each item from the batch should be verified, calibrated and obtain a Primary Verification Certificate. The periodical calibration is performed following the period specified in the Metrological certificate that is determined by the laboratory during the initial certification.

The Calibration or Poverka is quite a simple process and usually consists of the next steps:

  • The product is imported
  • Delivered to the laboratory
  • Each item is calibrated
  • Primary Verification Certificates are issued
  • And finally, the batch could be delivered to the destination place and installed.

WorldWideBridge has more than 10 years’ experience in certification and we will be glad to help with all questions and assist you with the Pattern Approval Certification and Calibration procedures. 

By Amina Tarchokova
Team lead - International projects - EAEU / CIS

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