Getting a metrological certificate in Uzbekistan: our experience.

Getting a metrological certificate in Uzbekistan: our experience.

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Each country has its own standards for certification of measuring equipment that is not covered by EAC and Uzbekistan is not an exemption.

We have received an order for getting metrological certificate in Uzbekistan from an English company and we are proud to inform that after several months of hard work the project will be finalized soon.

We would like to share our experience and describe the process of getting metrological certificate in Uzbekistan.

Site audit is a mandatory requirement. It means that 2 experts from the Uzbek authority should visit the production place and conduct tests there.

As far as it is seen from the previous point, local tests are not required since tests can be conducted at the site provided that the site has all necessary facilities.

Site audit takes about 5 days. It seems to be a rather big period of time but a lot of work should be done to conclude that the device complies with the national standards of this country.
EAC certificates and Russian PAC (an analogue of metrological certificate in Russia) will be of use

How to prepare for site audit:

  • Agree on the dates of the audit suitable for both sides – experts and customer
  • Gather all required documents before the audit
  • Check that the testing equipment operates in a proper manner
  • Which documents are required:
  • User manual in Uzbek or Russian
  • ISO 9001
  • Certificates of accreditation of the calibration and testing laboratory;
  • Personnel certificate for the right to calibrate measuring instruments;
  • Certificates for measuring instruments used in testing;
  • All available test reports (calibration test reports, climatic tests reports, EMC test reports)
  • Russian PAC and Type description (if available)
  • How much does it take to get the approval

    3-4 weeks once the audit is done. Certificate is valid for 5 years.

    If all required documents are available and prepared before the audit, the process will be smooth and fast.
    WWBridge will be happy to assist you with getting metrological approval in Uzbekistan smoothly so that you may export to Uzbekistan and develop your sales there.

    By Kristina Shestakova

    Head of Business Development

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