Certification in Russia

Doing business in Russia assume some additional approval form for equipment and products that still aren't regulated by EAEU Technical regulations.Open Russian through passing the conformity procedures according to safety standards. EAC, GOST, RF, FAC and other approval types.


Certification in Russia

You can enter the Russian market through obtaining TR CU Certificates (CoC) or Declarations (DoC) of Conformity which are required starting from the stage of customs clearance. Moreover, in some cases doing business in Russia assume some additional approval form for equipment and products that still aren't regulated by EAEU Technical regulations. Thus, some of the national conformity systems are still in effect.

Here below the list of effective approval documents is described and relevant product group:

  • CoC / DoC to TR EAEU for all products that are specified in over 30 EAEU Technical Regulations (explosion-proof equipment, machinery, household appliances, personal protective equipment (PPE), pressure equipment electrical apparatus, cables, apparel and textile products, shoes, products for children and teenagers, food, furniture etc.);
  • State Registration Certificate (SRC) or Hygienic Certificate for kids clothes, some kind of cosmetics and household chemicals and industrial chemistry products (glues, paint, adhesives etc);
  • GOST-R Certificates/Declarations that is still required for some kind of products such as building materials, tableware, high-voltage (> 1000 V) equipment, steel ropes, polyethylene pipes etc;
  • Pattern Approval Certificate (PAC) or Metrology Certificate which must be issued for measuring devices;
  • Radio-Frequency Conclusion (RFC) for radio-electronic means that transfer data through the wireless network;
  • FSB (FSS) Notification for devices that are capable of encryption;
  • Telecom Declaration/Certificate (or so-called FAC CoC/DoC) for telecommunication appliances which provide access to the Public Network;
  • Medical Registration Certificate for all products that can be classified as Medical devices (MD);
  • Fire-Safety Certificate for construction materials and fire extinguishing equipment (EMERCOM);
  • ROSTECHNADZOR (RTN) Approval or so-called Industrial Expertise is also known as Permit of use issued which required for equipment supplied to the hazardous facilities (Oil and Gas sector).

Certification procedure

Each of the document has its own features and differ by certification procedure. Some of them have unlimited validity (such as SRC) other can be valid only for 5 years (TR CU CoC/DoC).

Please refer to the detailed description of each document according to your product group on our website.

Expert assistance

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Certificates to be obtained in Russia


Customs Union Certificate - EAC

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Telecom (FAC approval)

Approval procedures for devices that can be connected to the Public Telecom Network (PTN) were set up by Telecom Law #126 -FL in July, 2003. According to this Law, all products that have an access to PTN need to be Certified or Declared and registered through the Rossvyaz or so-called the Federal Agency of Communication (FAC).

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Radio Approval (RFC Conclusion)

Radio-Frequency Conclusion (RFC Conclusion) is a special document that is to be emitted by the State Radio-Frequency Center (SRFC) and gives the opportunity to foreign manufacturers to export radio-frequency means to the territory of the Russian Federation.

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Fsb emblem

The FSS Notification (Encryption approval)

All products that are capable of encryption need to be approved in the Federal Security Service (FSS or sometimes called FSB) in order to be successfully imported to the Customs union. A special document that confirms the product which is transfer data through crypto algorithms can be imported is called FSS Notification (or FSB Notification).

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Fire safety

Fire safety certificate (EMERCOM)

Fire Safety Certificate is a document attesting the conformity of products to The Russian Law which concerns fire safety. The scope of certification and main requirements to the process are stated by the Federal Law #123 “Technical Regulations on Fire Safety” dated June 22, 2008.

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Metrology (PAC)

For the distribution of measuring devices in the Russian Federation, a Pattern Approval Certificate (Metrological Certificate) is mandatory. This document certifies that the measuring device complies with the requirements of Russian Federation standards and is registered in the State Register. Such a certificate is valid for 5 years but also can be issued for a certain batch.

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Hygienic Certificate (State Registration Certificate)

State registration certificate (SRC also frequently referred to as a Hygienic Certificate) is a document used in the certification system of the Customs Union (so can be used in all 5 countries - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirgizia) which confirms compliance of the goods with the sanitary and hygienic requirements of CU.

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Permit for use (RTN – RosTechNadzor)

According to Federal Law of the Russian Federation №22 “On amendments to the Federal Law “On industrial safety of production site” and other statutory requirements of the Russian Federation, the RosTechNadzor (RTN) discontinued to issue Application Permits. This document is to be replaced by an Industrial Safety Expert Conclusion.

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Medical Registration Certificate

All Medical devices need to obtain Medical Registration Certificate (MRC) to enter the Russian Federation market. This document has an unlimited validity period, so the manufacturer should pass the procedure only once. Russian MRC is not harmonized with the medical registration standards in other countries, so it is valid only in the country of issue.

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GOST R certificate

GOST is an abbreviation for GOvernment STandard. Each country of the CIS has a GOST standard of it’s own. The GOST-R – stands for GOST-Russia, BELGOST – Belarus Gost, GOST-K – Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan, GOST-U – Uzbekistan and etc.

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Logo minpromtorg

The MinPromTorg License

In each country of the Eurasian Economic Union, there is a special governmental authority that issues such a License. In Russia, this structure is the Ministry of Industry and Trade (in other words MINPROMTORG).

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