Metrological equipment certification: Primary Verification Case (Poverka)

Metrological equipment certification: Primary Verification Case (Poverka)

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Recently the word “POVERKA” has become quite popular among foreign producers. It sounds very interesting but there is no clear understanding of what it means and how it is related to certification.

PAC-Pattern Approval Certificate

Poverka Verification should be considered in the context of Metrological certification (PAC Pattern Approval Certificate) . It is processed according to the Verification methods (Poverka methods) document developed during PAC issuance.

The Poverka could be performed as Primary verification or Periodical verification.

Primary verification is to be used only concerning a certain batch of products that already have a valid Pattern Approval Certificate. Each item from the batch should be verified in the accredited metrological institute and obtain the Primary Verification Certificate before being assembled into a system or used separately for the first time.

The PAC also indicates the period when the next verification should be done, that is called Periodical verification (calibration). The period of new calibration is determined by the laboratory that makes tests of the PAC and quite often is different from the calibration period of the producer.

There are several options to make the Initial verification (calibration):

  • To deliver the product to the Russian metrology laboratory
  • To make Poverka at the production site before the delivery (the producer should provide verification/calibration facilities)

Applicant: the producer can be an applicant as well as a local representative company 

Documents required for the Initial Verification:


  1. Application with technical and metrological characteristics;
  2. If the producer is not an applicant, the power of attorney from the manufacturer for the resident applicant (representative company);


  1. EAC Declaration or Certificate of safety (TR CU);
  2. Metrological certificate, verification methods;
  3. The operational documents (the operational manual/installation instructions) and other technical information in the Russian language;
  4. Information about software (if available): declarations;
  5. Product’s photo.

The Poverka procedure is quite simple and usually consists of the next steps:

The batch product is imported - delivered to the laboratory – each item is calibrated- Poverka Certificates are issued – the batch is delivered to the destination place (or returned)

Primary Verification Case (Primary Poverka)

In this article, we will consider the case of the Turbine Control and Overspeed detection system calibration procedure by WorldWideBride LLC certification company. 

The producer had an order for the product’s calibration that already had the EAC Certificate and the PAC (Metrology certificate).
All documents were provided in advance and WorldWideBridge LLC acted as an applicant.

The issue was complicated by the specific verification requirements of the products; it was difficult to find a metrological laboratory accredited for this product. Moreover, products were delivered to the laboratory under the condition of temporary importation (that gives a limited time) as should be returned after calibration to the country where a warehouse is located. That made customs issues more complicated.

There were 8 items (216 measuring channels in total) to be calibrated that were delivered to the laboratory in Siberia. The verification procedure took 2 weeks to make tests and issue the Poverka Certificate. 

During the verification procedure, the laboratory requested additional technical information about installation and data display that were not available in the technical documentation. For this reason, the quality of PAC Verification methods and operational documentation is essential to follow the schedule.

To sum it up the Poverka is very simple and takes not much time if external factors are not affecting the lead time as we faced in the example above. Due to the patience and professionalism of the certification team and producer’s support products were successfully calibrated and Poverka certificates were issued.

By Amina Tarchokova
Team lead - International projects - EAEU / CIS

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