EAC certification. Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment

EAC certification. Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment


Certain types of technical devices fall under the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" (TR CU 020/2011).

Certification of household and industrial equipment according to TR CU 020/2011

The scope of regulation of the technical regulations of the Customs Union "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" TR CU 020/2011 includes technical devices capable of creating electromagnetic interference, the quality of functioning of which depends on the impact of external electromagnetic interference.

Mandatory assessment of compliance with the requirements of TR CU 020/2011 are subject to:

- Electrical appliances and household appliances
- Technical means connected to personal electronic computers, including

  • printers;
  • monitors;
  • scanners;
  • uninterruptible power supplies;
  • other

Form of EAC certification according to TR CU 020/2011

TR CU 020/2011 provides for two forms of mandatory conformity assessment of products:

  • certification
  • declaration

EAC Certification schemes

There are three schemes according to which mandatory certification of electrical equipment can be carried out•

  • 1c

Certification according to the 1c scheme is carried out when a series of technical devices is released. It includes testing of standard samples of products by specialists of an accredited laboratory and analysis of the state of production by the certification body.

Schemes 3c and 4c are used for a one-time release: a batch or a single product, respectively. The schemes are based on testing samples from a batch (unit of a product) in an accredited laboratory.

When choosing a certification scheme, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of certification under this scheme by other technical regulations.

Feature of application TR CU 020/2011

The vast majority of products falling under TR CU 020 also fall under the requirements of other technical regulations:

EAC Declaration

Technical means not included in the above list are subject to mandatory conformity assessment in the form of declaration. Declaration is carried out according to all schemes except 5d.

TR CU 020 / 2011 does not apply to:

  • technical means used by manufacturers of other technical means as their components and not intended for independent use;
  • passive with respect to electromagnetic compatibility.

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