Remote factory inspection to issue EAC certificate. Main steps.

Remote factory inspection to issue EAC certificate. Main steps.

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Remote factory inspection

A new form of factory inspection was introduced in 2020 to meet the current challenges in the world and keep the import of foreign products to the CU. It is a remote factory inspection or simply remote audit. Such an audit is carried out in the form of video conference. 

The main aim of the audit is to check the QMS documents, the production site and select samples that are to be sent to Russia for a local testing. So, accordingly, the audit is divided into 3 main stages. 

The remote inspection should be conducted on the production facility where the products are manufactured. The factory should be ready to show QMS documents to the expert and answer his questions. Please note that experts speak the Russian language only. So, it is better to think about a translator from your language into Russian in advance. If you apply to WorldWideBridge we will accompany you at production site and render translation services. 

Main steps of  Remote factory inspection

So, the first stage of a remote audit is QMS check. During this stage, the following points are examined:

  • general information about the production facility (like commissioning date, production area, number of employees, working hours, number of shifts, production volume)
  • technical documentation (here operational, technological and design documents are to be checked);
  • personnel documents like job descriptions, qualification and training documents;
  • technological processes implemented at the factory
  • technological equipment (including measuring equipment), its maintenance and repair documents;
  • input and output control procedures and documents;
  • acceptance control and testing of finished products;
  • marking of products, conditions for their storage and packaging;
  • consumer complaints;
  • and actions taken for defective products

After the documents check, the expert asks to make a tour around the production facility and see all the workshops and equipment used for production. Please note that the tour is also to be recorded on camera.

The final stage of the remote audit is to check the finished products warehouse and determine samples required for a local testing in Russia. 

During this stage the expert asks to show the products on camera in details, including product label or nameplate. It should be in compliance with the marking requirements of  TR applicable. 

Once the remote audit is done, the expert prepares the audit report where indicates all the procedures implemented on the factory. The report also lists the expert’s decision whether the factory has appropriate conditions for stable production according to the requirements of TR CU. If the decision is positive - you have passed the remote factory inspection.

That is how the whole process looks like. 

If you have an inquiry for Russia or CU countries, contact the WorldWideBridge team by email [email protected]. We will assist you with a great pleasure!

By Evgenia Kovaka
Team leader - EAEU / CIS

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