Remote audit for EAC certification of light industry products (clothes, shoes, and accessories)

Remote audit for EAC certification of light industry products (clothes, shoes, and accessories)

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WWBridge team faces up with remote inspections every week. So, let’s go into detail of this new inspection type taking into consideration our experience and general rules.

Remote audit is performed in a form of video conference in Zoom. The conference is recorded and the records are to be kept at CB’s archive as legal evidence that the legal certification scheme was followed up and all the requirement of TR CU 007/TR CU 017 were met.The remote factory inspection as well as the normal one procedure is divided into 2 main stages:

  • Quality management system check
  • Sampling

Quality management system check

General questions regarding the manufacturer and documents/standards according to which he works and produces the goods that are to be exported to the Customs Union countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), should be discussed and showed to the expert at this stage. During the remote audit the manufacturer also should move around the production facility showing all the rooms/workshops and describing what is done in a particular room.All the equipment used during the production is to be recorded on video as well. If any measuring equipment is used, then calibration certificates for it should be provided.


This stage is held in the warehouse where finished products are kept. The expert asks to show the room and a particular number of declared products/compositions/trade marks on camera for identification. Moreover, some of the samples are to be inspected in detail to check the marking and be confident that the products are not defective ones. The defectiveness is checked while showing all the joints/print (if applicable) of the product. In regard of marking, it should met certain requirements of TR CU 007/TR CU 017 like indication of product name, model, size, article, manufacturer’s details, place for EAC sign etc. WorldWideBridge always assist clients with marking preparation.
Once a particular number of samples is checked, samples for local testing are to be identified. The expert in a random way asks to pack a required number of samples that are to be sent to Russian for tests.
When the remote factory inspection is done and documents of QMS are provided, the expert makes the decision whether the site meets the standards and whether it is able to manufacture products of the same quality within the validity period of the Certificate of Conformity. The expert’s decision is stated in the site audit report. If the decision is positive, the manufacturer could move forward on certification and send samples to Russia for testing.
If you have inquiries for light industry products certification, please contact our team. WorldWideBridge will be glad to assist you!

By Evgenia Kovaka
Key Account Manager

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