Immobilizer certification in EAEU

Immobilizer certification in EAEU

Posted on Dec 13 Russian Market TR CU 018

Car alarm

An immobiliser or immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to a motor vehicle that prevents the engine from being started unless the correct key is presented. The above-mentioned product falls under the regulation of  TR CU 018 “On Safety of Wheeled Vehicles.”

For the products that use frequencies in the range from 119 to 135 kHz, approvals are required as follows:

  • Conclusion by the Radio Frequency Center;
  • Federal Security Service (FSB) Notification.

Importers of such products are also required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the sale of products in the Russian Federation.

List of products that fall under TR CU 018 was approved in accordance with Eurasian Economic Commission Board Resolution No. 77 dated July 14, 2015. Immobilizers are classified as part of Group No. 50 “Alarm Systems, Anti-Theft and Security Devices for Vehicles” and should be certified only to confirm their compliance with TR CU 018.

The following codes of Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity apply to this group:

  • 8512 20 000 9,
  • 8512 30 100 9,
  • 8526 92 000.

Therefore, it is very important to check the respective code before launching your project.

Regardless of the module complexity and functional capability, e.g. turning on/off headlights, climate control, etc., if the module has a function of locking vehicle parts, then this module will in most cases be still considered by certification bodies as an immobilizer.

After you submit the technical documentation for the products, we will be able to provide you with an offer with a complete list of certificates that you have to obtain for your product sale.

With this, as well as with the CoCs and DoCs issuance, specialists of  WorldWideBridge LLC will always be happy to assist. Please email us at [email protected].

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By Dmitry Bajdala
Certification Specialist. EAEU / CIS Department

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