EAC approval for automotive spare parts

EAC approval for automotive spare parts

Posted on Nov 15 TR CU 018 and Automotive

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Bearings, ignition coils, timing kits, cross and side rods, tie-rod and rack ends, different types of belts, stabilizer links, brake pads, discs and shoes, electrical water pumps, strut mounts, hydraulic tensioners, control, idler and pitman arms, different types of joints, hubs, tires, thermostats, thermo sensors, timing chains, vehicle glasses, air filters, clutches, drive shafts, shock absorbers, starters etc. – all these automotive spare parts must receive mandatory EAC approval if you want to supply them to the territory of Customs Union countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.  

TR CU 018 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles"

TR CU 018 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles" regulates the certification of spare parts for the automotive industry. The main form of approval document under this TR CU is the EAC Certificate of Conformity. 

An EAC certificate can be issued both for a single delivery (batch) and for serial production. Applying for a serial production certificate means that the approval can be used for several deliveries within its validity period. The maximum applied validity period of an EAC certificate for this Technical Regulation is 4 years. 

It is worth knowing that an applicant for EAC certification must be a legal resident of a Customs Union member country. If you are searching for such a company, WorldWideBridge will render applicant service to you with pleasure. 

To certify products according to EAC, the following list of documents is required:

  • An applicant agreement between the manufacturer and its applicant company
  • The applicant’s entitling documents
  • A technical description for each declared product in Russian

Please also note that all part numbers must without fail be mentioned in the certificate Annex. They must be written in full; coding is not permitted. Therefore, you should prepare an Excel file with this information in advance.

Remember that the certification process according to TR CU 018 requires mandatory local testing in a Russian accredited laboratory or any other accredited laboratory within the CU. In other words, samples should be provided to check product quality and compliance with Russian GOST standards. An approval document may be issued only based on a positive test report. 

When applying for a serial production certificate, apart from sample testing, once a year an annual maintenance procedure is to be carried out. This procedure is also known as an annual inspection control and requires product re-testing. 

The main aim is to confirm that the product quality declared initially remains unchanged and the inspected product still meets the requirements and standards of TR CU 018. 

If you have a current request with regard to automotive spare parts or any further questions on TR CU 018, email us at [email protected]. Our specialists will advise you on all issues!

By Evgenia Kovaka
Team leader - EAEU / CIS

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