How to get a Certificate of State Registration (SRC) in the Eurasian Union

How to get a Certificate of State Registration (SRC) in the Eurasian Union

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The State Registration Certificate (SRC) will officially confirm that the products comply with the CU regulations, and thus are safe. The customs control cannot be passed without state registration if the product type is included in the Unified List of the Goods requiring the SRC.  The Rospotrebnadzor authorities issue the certificates.

What kinds of products require the mandatory Registration Certificate?

The State Registration Certificate for the products of the Customs Union is an official confirmation of the fact that the goods have been accessed for compliance with the Sanitary Rules and Regulations (SanPin) in accordance with the following technical regulations:

  • 007/2011 On Safety of the Products for Kids and Teenagers
  • 009/2011 On Safety of Perfume and Beauty Products
  • 027/2011 On Safety of Certain Types of Specialized Food, Including Dietary Medical and Dietary Preventive Nutrition

 TR CU 007/2011

According to TR CU 007/2011, the SRC is mandatory for:

  • silicone, rubber, latex pacifiers;
  • diapers, nappies made of non-woven fabric, cotton sticks and pads, etc. for kids;
  • baby bottles, sippy cups, mugs, dishes and other dishware made of different materials, including disposable products for kids under 3-years of age;
  • different types of tooth brushes, including electrical battery-operated ones, if the manufacturer claims them as for kids under 3-years of age;
  • swimwear and underwear, babygrows, bonnets, summer headwear for kids under 3-years of age;
  • sleeping suits, underpants, wraparound garments, camisoles, underwear, hosiery, summer headwear etc. for kids under 3-years of age.

In accordance with TR CU 007/2011, the above-mentioned products require both the SRC and the declaration.

TR CU 009/2011

The State Registration Certificate for the products is also necessary for the goods included in TR CU 009/2011, such as:

  1. Cosmetics for self-tanners, sunscreen creams.
  2. Products for intimate hygiene and depilation;
  3. Baby cosmetics and perfume.
  4. Hair dyes, products for perming or straightening.
  5. Chemical peeling products.
  6. Fluorine-containing products for mouth care.
  7. Peroxide-containing compounds for tooth enamel whitening.

TR CU 027/2012

In accordance with the provisions of TR CU 027/2012, the State Registration Certificate for food is required for:

• nutrition for nursing and pregnant women;
• sports nutrition;
• medical and preventative food products, kids’ dietary nutrition.

Beyond the regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, the following is subject to state registration: 

  1. Materials, equipment, substances, devices used in the field of utility and drinking water supply systems and wastewater treatment, in swimming pools
  2. Chemical and petrochemical products intended for industry, some household chemicals
  3. Polymer and synthetic materials designed for application in construction, on vehicles, and also for manufacturing of furniture and other domestic appliances.
  4. Materials for products (products) in contact with human skin.
  5. Products, goods being a source of ionizing radiation, including the generating one, and also goods and products containing radioactive substances.
  6. Construction raw and other materials in which the radioactive substances content is regulated by the hygienic standards, including industrial waste for recycling and use in the national economy, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
  7. Pesticides and agrochemicals.
  8. Materials, products and equipment in contact with food.
  9. Ice-melting chemicals.
  10. Other products for which one of the Parties has introduced any temporary sanitary measures.

Who can apply for the SRC?

• If the products are manufactured in the territory of the CU member state, the manufacturer is the applicant for the certificate.
• If the products are of foreign origin, the manufacturer’s representative in the CU territory (for example, WWBridge) can act as the applicant.

The SRC is executed via the following stages

• Carrying out of tests and studies depending on the item type.
• Preparation of the set of documents, including laboratory reports.
• Submission of documents for expertise.
• Issue of the state registration certificate, execution of the SRC.

Types of studies and tests for different products are determined by current regulations and standards.

Terms of certification activities:

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to obtain the SRC. The process for some products, for example, disinfectants, takes 6-8 months, nutrient additives can be registered in 5-6 months.

SRC validity

• The certificate will be valid indefinitely. The SRC expires only when supplies and/or manufacturing of the products is terminated in the territory of the CU. 

Package of documents required for the SRC

To obtain an official approval document (SRC), the applicant must submit an application per established form and provide the following:

  • sample of the products (quantity depends on the type of the products being registered);
  • copies of PSRN (Primary State Registration Number), TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number);
  • information about the manufacturer;
  • the authorized person’s contract – for the imported products;
  • name of the product/goods and its description, FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature) codes, technical specifications of the products, formulation;
  • recommendations regarding the use, certified by the manufacturer’s signature or seal, if all important information cannot be stated on the label;
  • layouts for labels;
  • information that the quality management system (in accordance with ISO standards) is used at the enterprise;
  • other data upon request (if required).

If you need a guaranteed and high-quality execution of the SRC, you can entrust it to the qualified WWBridge specialists. Please write to [email protected].

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