Cosmetics – EAC certification for Customs union countries

Cosmetics – EAC certification for Customs union countries

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Perfumes and cosmetic products – crèmes, mousses, shampoos, lotions, conditioners and even tooth and nail products - that are supplied to Russia or such Customs Union countries as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirgizia should be certified. There are 2 Regulations for such kind of products in the CU:

  • TR CU 009 «On safety of perfumes and cosmetics»
  • Hygienic certification
Compliance with TR CU 009 assumes in the form of Declaration of Conformity (DoC) with the validity period 1/3/5 years. Hygienic approval should be in form of State Registration Certificate (SRC) that has unlimited validity. Let’s discuss each of the approval documents separately.

1) Declaration of Conformity to TR CU 009 «On safety of perfumes and cosmetics»

All cosmetic products (including decorative cosmetics) with no pharmaceutical effect are to be certified according to TR CU 009. One separate DoC is to be issued for each declared product type. This means that if you export, for example, tonics, moisture masks and shampoos, you need to apply for 1 DoC for tonics, 1 DoC for moisture masks and 1 DoC for shampoos. Moreover, each Declaration of Conformity could enlist several test report. The number of test reports required is calculated based on the number of different compositions provided by the manufacturer. That is why we strongly recommend attaching compositions in percentage for all products you want to sell in the CU. 

2) State Registration Certificate

The following list of products is in scope of SRC:
  • products for artificial tanning, for skin lightening and whitening, products for tattoo applying, cosmetics for intimate hygiene, depilation, peeling;
  • cosmetics for skin protection from harmful factors;
  • cosmetics for children;
  • hair dye products;
  • oral hygiene products (liquid rinses, whitening products)
One SRC can include 1 product type with the same composition and effects. Please be aware that State Registration Certificate should enlist all production facilities where the declared in the approval products can be produced.

Applicant both for Declaration of Conformity to TR CU 009 «On safety of perfumes and cosmetics» and State Registration Certificate should be a legal resident of the Customs Union countries. WorldWideBridge can act as an applicant for you at your request.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact our team. WorldWideBridge is always glad to assist!

By Evgenia Kovaka
Key Account Manager

WorldWideBridge LLC

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