St. Petersburg instead of Korea: Testing the equipment according to TR CU 010 (5d) at a particularly hazardous production facility

St. Petersburg instead of Korea: Testing the equipment according to TR CU 010 (5d) at a particularly hazardous production facility

Industrial safety

To register the declaration of conformity according to TR CU 010 (Scheme 5d), it is necessary to organize a visit to the production site for product research and testing. After the audit and completion of the tests, the certification body issues a Type Certificate (Design Research Certificate) and a test report. And then a declaration of conformity is registered on the basis of this certificate and the test report.

In our case, the products were mixers for mixing polyol, which were installed at the production site in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.

 Of course, we could choose the option of testing in Korea – where these mixers are made, but due to the COVID-19 travelling around the world was limited, and the option of testing on site was more preferable.

Before choosing the date of the audit and testing, we did the following:

  • We have collected and prepared all the necessary documents for declaration with the manufacturer (we always inform our clients about the list of documents in advance);
  • We have made sure that the equipment has arrived and is installed at the factory;
  • We have determined with the manufacturer which of the models of mixers would be tested by the CB expert;
  • We have received confirmation from the factory that the equipment is in operating mode - this is a very important point, since the tests are carried out with the equipment in operation to record the working technical characteristics. It is on the basis of this data that the documentation is compiled.

As soon as the factory confirmed that they were ready to welcome us, we agreed with the test expert on a suitable departure date, and selected tickets for the high - speed Sapsan train "Moscow-St. Petersburg".

On the day of the test, we met with the expert at the designated location and went to the production site. Upon arrival, we were met by a responsible person, put on helmets and vests, and then we read the safety instructions and arrived at the production site.

The test expert checked the test object (mixer), and identified several problems:

  1. No marking table was found on any model (there were only 3 of them).
  2. The equipment didn’t have the thermal insulation ready - and I remind you that during the tests the equipment must be totally ready for operation.
  3. The selected model for testing was not ready for testing – it couldn’t be connected for operation.

In such cases, the expert can refuse to test and go back.

But having discussed the problems with the plant, we solved them in the following way:

1. The design of the marking table was already ready, and the marking label was just about to be installed on the equipment;
2. Thermal insulation would be carried out in the shortest possible time, and it would not greatly influence the indicators;
3. We chose another model for testing, which was in the operating mode. The volume of this model was larger, so the test time lasted for several hours longer than we expected.

After the tests were completed, it was necessary to correct all the defects that the expert identified. And after this process, the expert prepared the documentation for us to register the Declaration of Conformity.

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By Leysan Karimova  Certification Specialist. EAEU / CIS Department

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