How to simplify the Certification process for huge projects

How to simplify the Certification process for huge projects

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Actually, it might really be a huge challenge to get all things settled and complete the project up to the importation stage.

One of the most complex and effort consuming matters here - is probably certification.

Simplify the Certification process for huge projects

As a company dealing with clients involved in such projects, WorldWideBridg would be happy to share our experience and give some valuable notes.

1) Handle certification beforehand

Upon the project is being assigned to you, try to get down to certification as soon as possible.  The process of approval for the whole list of products made by dozens different manufacturers could last much longer then you expect.  So be sure you have at least 6 months forward to complete certification at a normal working pace.

2) Confirm the list of manufacturers

The sooner you clarify and confirm the list of equipment suppliers the easier certification process will be.
The thing is, you might shuffle off the burden of certification for some of the components on their manufacturers. Or maybe some of them already have valid required approvals.

It is an ideal scenario if right from the start you search for the suppliers with existing certificates only.
Thus you would have a good chance to optimize time, budget and effort for certification process. 

3) Be ready to share data

It is not a secret that the more precise and detailed the product information is given, the easier and faster certification process goes.
Right from the start we suggest to prepare separate tables or datasheets with all the requested characteristics for each item requiring certification.

For example, if you know there are EX marked items included into your project, it's important to convey list of explosion proof components, their marking and ATEX certificates availability right from the start.

If the pressure vessels are to be delivered and certified within the scope - please make sure your certification partner can easily find data on pressure, volume and media type.

4) Find a reliable partner

All the points given can be of use in practice provided the whole process is managed with the assistance of an experienced certification team.

One could exist right among the company's employees, and then you are very lucky! But if not - it is worth dedicating time and effort in searching for a solid partner in this sphere.

Why choose WWBridge?

  • WorldWideBridge has gone through similar procedures for different large projects, and knows a lot |about all the details and hidden threats of certification process.
  • We are ready to take part in meetings with importers to avoid misunderstanding and lack of documents.
  • Our team clearly and transparently informs you on each step of certification procedures.
  • We educate and search for customized solutions for you.

Feel free to get in touch with WorldWideBridge and email us at [email protected] and we will assist you right from the start until the project completion.

By Maria Lazba
Account Manager
WorldWideBridge LLC

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