How to obtain Fire safety certificate in Eurasian Customs Union

How to obtain Fire safety certificate in Eurasian Customs Union

Posted on Nov 30 Hazardous equipment TR EAEU 043 and EAC

Fire safety listing

Since the beginning of 2020, the fire safety of individual types of products distributed in the territory of the Customs Union countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus) shall follow the path of confirming its compliance with the TR EAEU 043/2017 “On the requirements to means of assurance of fire safety and fire extinguishing”.

IMPORTANT: Any products that do not fall within the scope of the TR EAEU are still regulated by national law.

TR EAEU 043/2017 applies to means of assurance of fire safety and fire extinguishing designed to prevent and combat fires, rescue people, protect property and the environment, and reduce the risk of damage from fire. It establishes requirements to products of any specific category and to the marking thereof.

EAEU TR 043/2017 compliance confirmation

The EAEU TR envisages both certification and declaration. In the both cases, the applicant shall be either the manufacturer (or its official representative) or the seller of the products.

The certification shall follow schemes 1c, 3c and 4c and declaration, schemes 3d, 4d and 6d. At applicant’s will, declaration may be replaced with certification.

Validity terms of certificates or declarations 

  • For a batch (a single item) of goods: not established.
  • For serial production: a certificate shall be valid for 5 years; a declaration shall be valid for up to 5 years. 

Data relating to the documents filed shall be recorded in the Unified Registry of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity.

The WWBridge company offers certification services including activities to confirm product fire safety. We work with applicants from all over the world. Should you need to certify any products, please email your application at: [email protected]

Document required for certification

  • Technical specification (description)
  • Technical documentation (if any): engineering and/or process and/or operating documentation
  • A list of standards used to ensure the products’ compliance with the TR requirements
  • A description of technical solutions confirming that the TR requirements are met (such description shall be provided in the event that no standards were used or available)
  • An agreement (supply contract) and shipping documentation (for the batch of goods)
  • A copy of the contract with the manufacturer (including a foreign one) that envisages assurance of the products’ compliance with the TR requirements, and liability for non-compliance (for a manufacturer-authorized person) (scheme 1с)
  • Documents (if any) pertaining to materials, components or constituent parts of the products
  • Any other documents (if any) that can confirm the products’ compliance with the TR requirements

Obligations of the certificate recipient

The applicant must:

  • Provide the above package of documents to the certification body
  • On completion of the certification procedure, compile a documentation package including documents submitted to the certification body together with the application, laboratory testing record(s), the certificate, and keep this documentation package for at least 10 years after the certificate expiry date
  • Put a Eurasian Conformity mark on its products
  • Table all steps to ensure a stable production process and compliance of further products with the requirements confirmed at certification
  • Notify the certification body that has issued the certificate once the design or composition of the products per se or the product manufacturing technology is modified

IMPORTANT: If within the certificate validity term any changes in the composition and/or design of the products or the production technology are made, the certification body will analyze the documentation that the applicant must provide and make a decision on whether or not new product tests and/or a product condition analysis is required

As for the product documents collected by the applicant for certification, the applicant shall provide them to the supervisory (controlling) authorities at their request.

Declaration peculiarities

The applicant shall select a declaration scheme on its own. Declaration requires the same document package as certification. However, the following shall be added thereto:

  • A test record
  • A production inspection record (scheme 3d)
  • A quality management system certificate (a copy thereof) (scheme 6d)

List of items regulated by EAEU TR 043/2017

  1. Fire extinguishing substances (powders, foaming agents, wetting agents, gaseous substances)
  2. Fire protection means for lumber, materials based thereon, as well as cables, steel and/or reinforced concrete structures
  3. Linear electrical-installation articles made of non-metal materials
  4. Fire extinguishers (portable and mobile)
  5. Autonomous fire-extinguishing devices
  6. Fire cabinets, taps and shutoff valves
  7. Mobile means of fire extinguishing:
  8. Technical means functioning within firefighting automation systems:
  9. Technical means functioning within automatic fire extinguishing installations (including autonomous, robotized and modular ones):
  10. Robotized fire extinguishing installations
  11. Respiration and eye-sight personal fire protection equipment:
  12. Firefighter's specialized protective clothes (general-purpose, for protection from thermal impacts, insulating-type, as well as helmet liners and thermal underwear)
  13. Personal protective equipment for firefighter’s hands, feet and head (hard hats)
  14. Rescue equipment for people in case of fire at elevated levels:
  15. Tools for specialty activities in case of fire
  16. Supplementary firefighter’s equipment (lamps, thermal cameras, sound and radio beacons)
  17. Firefighting equipment:
  18. Filling-in of openings in firefighting barriers:
  19. Technical means functioning within smoke ventilation systems.

For a full list of means for fire safety assurance and fire extinguishing, see the appendix to EAEU TR 043/2017 .

Should you need any certification of means for fire safety assurance and fire extinguishing, please contact us at [email protected]. For a provisional consultation, we need to understand which products are declared, what their product range is, how their technical specifications can be summarized, and what their application scope is. We will be happy to see you among our permanent customers.

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