TR EAEU 043/2017 “Requirements to the fire safety and firefighting means”

TR EAEU 043/2017 “Requirements to the fire safety and firefighting means”


The List of products for this new EAC regulation includes the following groups:

I. FIRE EXTINGUISHING SUBSTANCES (e.g. general purpose fire extinguishing powders, fire extinguishing foaming agents, gaseous fire extinguishing substances etc.)
II. MEANS OF FIRE PROTECTION (e.g. means of fire protection of wood and materials on its base, of steel and (or) reinforced concrete structures, of cables etc.)
III. LINEAR ELECTRIC-INSTALLATION PRODUCTS (e.g. wiring electrical articles from non-metallic materials etc.)
IV. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS (portable fire extinguishers, mobile fire extinguishers etc.)
VI. FIRE CABINETS, WALL HYDRANTS (including fire isolation valves)
VII. MOBILE FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT (e.g. fire control trucks, tower ladders, turntable ladders, . emergency and rescue trucks, aerial platform foam fire trucks, communication-site-on-light trucks, smoke ejector exhauster trucks etc.)
VIII. PARTS OF AUTOMATIC FIREFIGHTING SYSTEMS (FIRE ALARMS, FIRE NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS, FIRE WARNING AND EVACUATION SYSTEMS) (e.g. alarm call points, manual alarm call point, uninterrupted power supplies of automatic firefighting systems, fire alarm devices, fire detection and alarm signaling controllers, remote display devices, circuit testing and monitoring devices etc.)
IX. PARTS OF AUTOMATIC EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS (INCLUDING AUTONOMOUS EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS, ROBOTIZED EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS, MODULAR EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS) (e.g. control units of automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems, sprinkler and deluge alarm valves of automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems, drain valves of automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems, check valves of automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems, gate valves, shutters of automatic water and foam fire extinguishing systems, modules of automatic powder fire extinguishing systems, isothermal fire tanks of automatic gas fire extinguishing systems, fire-extinguishing aerosol generators etc.)
XI. PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) FOR FIRE FIGHTERS (e.g. self-contained breathing apparatus, filtering personal protection equipment for breathing and eye protection, fire isolation escape hood, facial parts of personal protection equipment for breathing and eye protection, . bottles of self-contained breathing apparatuses and fire escape hoods etc.)
XII. SPECIAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING FOR FIREFIGHTERS (e.g. general purpose special protective clothing for firefighters, special protective clothing for firefighters for heat protection, heat resistant underwear for firefighters etc.)
XIII. HAND, FEET AND HEAD PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) FOR FIREFIGHTERS (e.g. fire hood, firefighter personal protection equipment for hands, fire hard hats etc.)
XIV. FIRE LIFESAVING EQUIPMENT FOR ELEVATED STRUCTURES (e.g. manual fire ladders, fire rescue ropes, fire rescue belts, fire rescue sleeves, fire escape slides, fire rescue hoses, fire rescue hang-on ladders etc.)
XVI. ADDITIONAL FIREFIGHTER (e.g. fire lamps, thermal cameras, radio beacons, sound beacons etc.)
XVII. FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT (e.g. fire connection adapters, fire hydrants, fire standpipe, foam mixers, collecting heads etc.)
XVIII. FILLING FOR OPENINGS OF FIRE BARRIERS (e.g. fire windows, doors, doors of elevator shafts with rated fire endurance, gates, hatches, blinds, rollers, screens, curtains, fire doors, etc.)
XIX. PARTS OF SMOKE VENTILATION SYSTEMS (e.g. normally open fire valves, normally closed fire valves, smoke dampers, smoke screens (blinds, curtains), exhaust fans, air ducts etc.)

There are two main approval forms:
  • The Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  • The Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
The correct approval form can be determined on the base of HS code and product description.
The foreign manufacturer can apply for certification only through the Customs union residential company. It means that a Russian, Kazakh or other CU country’s company should bear responsibility for the products quality on the base of Local representative agreement. It can be the importer, distributor of the product or any other company located in the CU that will agree to act as a Local Representative.

The process lasts for 1-2 months.

In some cases, the production site audit should be organized in order to check the Quality Management System of the manufacturer. Also, in-country tests are obligatory to finalize the process. So, you should mind expenses for shipment of samples to the accredited certification laboratory in one of EAEU countries.

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We will be please to help you with inquiries and questions.

By Viktoriia Artemenko
Head of Certification Department
WorldWideBridge LLC

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