Certification of chainsaws for the EAEU market

Certification of chainsaws for the EAEU market

Posted on Nov 25 Russian Market TR CU 010 and TR CU 020


Certification of a mechanized chainsaw

Today, we are going to consider the example of certifying the serial production of a mechanized chainsaw that could have both household and non-household applications. However, most types of chainsaws on the EAEU market are classified as household tools that are to be used by private individuals.

Chainsaws are subject to different regulations depending on their technical characteristics, type of power and application.

The product was identified by the producer as a chainsaw — that is, a combustion-engine-driven tool designed to cut wood with a saw chain consisting of a compact, integrated unit with handles, a power source, and a cutting attachment.

Based on an analysis of the technical information, the product is subject to:

*Note that in this case, the product is not subject to TR CU 004 (LVD safety) as the supply voltage exceeds 1,000 V and the piece of equipment is not considered below voltage. If the supply voltage of your product is in the range of 50–1,000 V, an approval document for TR CU 004 could be required.

Two alternative options were suggested to certify the product:

To issue one document: 

Certificate of Conformity with TR CU 010, 020 (including both regulations)

To issue two separate documents: 

  • Certificate of Conformity with TR CU 010
  • Declaration of Conformity with TR CU 020 (as its EMC characteristics are within the scope of Declaration)

Considering that the Certificate required testing samples for each regulation, the producer decided to issue two separate documents, one for Machinery safety and one for EMC.

Certificate of Conformity with TR CU 010 “On safety of machinery and equipment”

The CoC requires an audit of the production site to verify its quality management system and determine the samples to be sent to the laboratory for testing. Auditing of the site and sampling could be organized via video due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

After the audit of the site, the specified samples are delivered to the laboratory, tests are carried out and test reports are drafted. If the tests are successful, the Certificate is issued.

Possible validity

Note that the maximum validity for the Certificate of Conformity with TR CU 010 is five years .

If the validity is more than one year, a periodical (usually annual) inspection must be passed.

Two different schemes of the Declaration

The Declaration of Conformity for serial production with TR CU 020 “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means” can be issued according to two different schemes.

  • 1d scheme: Issued based on the producer’s EMC test reports (must be translated into Russian)
  • 3d scheme: Issued based on the tests of the EMC samples in the Russian laboratory

The 1d scheme was chosen by the producer since the EMC report was available and readily provided. The Declaration was issued based on a test report on EN 5012:2007+A1:2009, CISPR 12:2007+A1:2009, EN ISO 14982:2009 (6.1), and CAN/CSA-CISPR 12-10 standards that were verified and translated into the Russian language in advance by WorldWideBridge.

The 3d scheme could be applied in cases when there is no appropriate test report or if there is a specific requirement for testing from the client in EAEU: the specified number of samples is sent to the EAEU laboratory, tested, the test reports are drafted and the Declaration is issued based on them.

If you have a current request with regard to mechanized tools or any further questions on TR CU 010, 020, or 004, contact the WorldWideBridge team by email [email protected]. Our specialists will advise you on all issues!

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