What is important to know when sending samples for clothes to Russia?

What is important to know when sending samples for clothes to Russia?

Ce skidka iz ofisa

Please, refer to the main instructions that should be taken in mind:
1) To prepare a correct invocie
It should contain the following information:
- List of products
- HS code
- Total sum (it should not exceed 200 EUR to avoid Customs taxes, however, it should not be undervalued as well)
- Name and address of the recipient
- Size/weight of the delivery

2) Each product item should be accompanied with a label in Russian
Label is an identification sign for each product item which contains main information about a product.
When we receive samples for testing, we carefully check each item and label comparing them with the applications we have sent to the laboratory. If samples are sent without labels, we will be unable to send them to the laboratory for testing since there is no information about composition of an item, size, etc.

Please, refer to the main points that must be indicated in a label:
- Product description (name)
- County of origin
- Information about the manufacturer (name and address)
- Size
- Composition
- Trade mark if any
- Date of manufacturer
- Serial number if any
- Care instructions and requirements

3) Use a reliable courier service provider
Please, note that in order to register EAC DoCs and CoCs we will also need a Customs Declaration. This is a document given by Customs confirming that the products were legally imported to Russia. Be aware of the fact that not each courier or logistic company can provide us with this document which means that it will cause problems when we come to DoC/CoC registration.
We strongly advise our customers to send Proforma Invoice for revision. We have a solid experience with EAC certification for clothes and customs clearance, thus we can revise it and see whether something should be corrected or added to the invoice. It will help us to save time, efforts and avoid problems when samples are at Customs.

If you have questions for EAC apparel certification and customs clearance, please, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will be pleased to help you.

By Kristina Shestakova

Head of Business Development

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