TR CU 017 “On the safety of light industry products”: main criteria to define the approval document form

TR CU 017 “On the safety of light industry products”: main criteria to define the approval document form

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TR CU 017 “On the safety of light industry products”

There are 2 forms of approvals within TR CU 017: 

  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  • and Declaration of Conformity (DoC). 

To determine what approval is required – CoC or DoC – the product layer should be identified. 

The layer is defined based on intended use of a product and its area of contact with the human body. Accordingly, 3 layers are figured out.

First layer products

To the first layer belong light industry products that have a direct contact with human skin, such as underwear (including swimwear), bed linen, corsetry, bathing products, summer headwear, hosiery products, handkerchiefs, shawls and scarves, T-Shirts, tops etc. 

Second layer products

Products that have a limited contact with the human skin are considered as second layer items. The following products are in scope: dresses, blouses, shirts, trousers, skirts, suits and jackets without lining, sweaters, jumpers, pullovers, headwear (except summer ones), mittens, gloves, winter hosiery etc.

Third layer products

Clothing that is to be worn over the second layer light industry items belong to the third layer products. These are coats, short coats, jackets and suits with a lining, raincoats etc.

Accordingly, EAC Certificate of Conformity is to be issued for the products of the first layer, EAC Declaration of Conformity – for the second and third layer products.

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By Evgenia Kovaka
Team leader - EAEU / CIS

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