The World Wide Bridge Team proves extraordinary tasks solving skills

The World Wide Bridge Team proves extraordinary tasks solving skills

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One of the key trends in the policy of World Wide Bridge is investing more in our employees, improving working conditions and developing a corporate culture. Today, in our company, each employee has the opportunity to learn and develop within the company. And the training allowed to improve skills and competencies for the growth of team members.

Training goals:

• To establish communication and improve the effectiveness of interpersonal relationships between employees
• Develop teamwork skills (trust and honesty, conflict resolution)
• Develop a team approach to solving business problems
• Strengthen the skills of responsibility, goal-setting, trust and activity.

During the training, there were a number of thematic games in order to solve team tasks using various formats: group analysis of the situation in the company and drawing up a program for improvement, physical, intellectual, creative activities and other exercises.

The training brought together all the team members, revealed the secrets of interaction with each other, but also outlined the value of each employee in solving tasks.

Every WWWBridge team member is value

Ksenia Maksiukova, CEO and Founder of World Wide Bridge, shared her comment: "The value of the training for me is providing the WWBridge team with an opportunity to get to know themselves and their colleagues better, to show their qualities outside of work, to learn how to respond to various non-standard situations, to find solutions to complex problems. I would especially like to mention the section dedicated to trust between the members of the WWBridge team. I confirmed my opinion that our team is able to work together and achieving the goal smoothly. And at the same time, they stay emotional and enjoy it. Thanks to the training, we have become an even more cohesive team of like-minded people, able to solve extraordinary tasks".

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