The FSS Сonclusion about the absence of the encryption means as our new service

The FSS Сonclusion about the absence of the encryption means as our new service

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When it comes to the electronic goods that deal with wireless communication means (i.e. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and their certification in Russia, it’s not a surprise for a client that his goods are about to undergo a FSS (Federal Security Service, sometimes also referred to as FSB as a Russian abbreviation) investigation for the successful import. This is necessary because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in these devices include encryption. After the investigation the FSS can issue either a Notification or an Exemption letter. The matter is that not all the devices featuring wireless communication need a Notification. Our clients are generally aware that there’s a special list of devices that require a Notification and it’s called “section 2.19: on cryptographic means”. This list incorporates various types of products combined together according to their name and HS codes.

But have you ever come up with a situation when there’s a good with the HS code that’s included in that list, but the device itself does not in fact feature any encryption means at all? It’s exactly the HS code that may become an obstacle. The Russian customs services always check out both the name and the code of the product. It may turn out that the code is included in the 2.19 section but, for instance, the manufacturer never meant to incorporate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the products. So there might be misunderstanding between the two sides (the manufacturer and the customs services). So what could possibly be done in this situation that seems tough at first sight?

WorldWideBridge is here to help you! We’re glad to introduce a new service to you. It’s called “The FSS conclusion about the absence of the encryption means”. The product undergoes the investigation by a special FSS accredited laboratory which eventually issues the conclusion that a product does not feature anything encryption-related. It usually takes this laboratory up to 5 working days to complete it. They use the manufacturer’s technical description. No samples required.
So we would be excited to provide our assistance to you in case you need it. The whole procedure is straightforward: all we need is the technical description (in Russian – but if you do not have one in Russian, we may help with the translation as well) and the HS code for your product. We’ll do the rest.

The applicant here can be only the resident of the Russian Federation and you can always rely on us if you don’t have a local company to represent you. To sum up the information about this new document and the goods related thereof, we’d like to give you some examples of the goods that can be subject to this FSS conclusion:
  • Printers, scanners (EAC HS Codes: 8443 32 100 9, 8443 32 300 0 and so on);
  • SSDs, HDDs, USB flash drives (EAC HS Codes: 8443 32 100 9, 8443 32 300 0 and so on);
  • Media converters (EAC HS code: 8527 62 000 9);

Not only these, but many others too, may require this FSS conclusion. In case you need it you can always count on us!

Please send you inquiries to [email protected].

By Dmitry Kondratsky
Certification Department Specialist

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