Russian Retail Investment Opportunity

Russian Retail Investment Opportunity

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Along with the establishment and rapid development of new big companies and international business, the retail business also has visible progress in Russia. And it becomes more vivid while analyzing the situation in retail companies.
It is worth mentioning the good achievements in the field of the purchase of clothing. Noticeable improvement has already registered in this sphere. The desire of Russians to save on the purchase of clothing encouraged developers to focus on the development of outlets. By the end of 2020, the volume of supply of such facilities in the country could grow by almost 80%, and the share of the format in the structure of retail turnover is almost doubled.
According to the study, the share of outlets in the structure of retail trade turnover in Moscow and Moscow Region by the end of 2020 can almost double, from the current 0.34% to 0.61%. This is an amazing progress, as in comparison, the indicator will approach European levels. The supply of outlets to the population is also approaching the European level. By the end of 2020, the figure will increase from today's 4.2 square meters. m to 7.8 square meters m per 1 thousand inhabitants. Which, again in comparison with big countries (like the US, Spain,etc) is a good result.
There were opinions that now the development of outlets in Russia is hampered by the low penetration of brands and their unwillingness to work with such formats. But the analysis of the retail companies confirm that most brands are already represented in Russia in an adapted assortment that is narrower relative to European countries. And some brands, for example, Adidas and Puma, are developing their own discount centers within the city.
All those statistics and analysis once more prove that Russian market has a huge potential for business, it is a prosperous field to invest, to start-up, to spread and to establish. 

Source: Kommersant 

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