Progress in the oil and gas sector in Russia by 2030

Progress in the oil and gas sector in Russia by 2030

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Russia is ready to offer promising investment projects for oil and gas processing. These industries are growing rapidly, and in 15 years we will surely see not only good progress but efficient revenue.
There is a list of some interesting projects to be developed before 2030:

Ufa Org Sintez Though the exact terms have not been revealed yet, the company is intending to construct polyolefin complex in the next decade.

The current priority of the company is manufacturing of aromatics production and paraxylene. The project implies rehabilitation of hydrocracking unit and construction of delayed coking unit.

Bashneft-Ufa Oil Refinery The aim of Bashneft is to construct new AVT-6 units for primary processing and delayed coking units at Bashneft-UNPZ.

Planned until 2026, the commissioning of units aimed to higher throughput and expansion of product portfolio.
Gas Processing Plant on the Premises of Stavrolen.
The Caspian Region fields will provide plant with gas, also carbamide will be one of the staples. The product portfolio includes the production of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Russia is the place of opportunities, this country is open for investment in gas and oil industry. The list of Investment Projects is way too long to complete, and it will surely be updated very soon.

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