Production site Audit in China: firsthand experience

Production site Audit in China: firsthand experience

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China! What a beautiful and marvelous country it is. It’s a country of thousand years of history and culture. But it’s not only these two that define China. One of the key factors lies in its powerful and fast-growing economy. Being the largest exporter of various goods in the world, China incorporates lots of companies located all around the country. From clothes to smartphones, the country produces and exports literally everything.

There’s no doubt that WorldWideBridge has close partnership ties with different Chinese clients. A lot of different approval documents have already been issued, some are still in progress, and we never doubt many other projects are yet to come. 

When it comes to issuing a TR CU certificate for children’s clothes (it is the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 007 “On safety of the products for children and teenagers”), a site audit is always necessary. It means that the expert and the representative of our company need to set out to the place where these clothes are manufactured.   

It was quite a long journey from Moscow to Guangzhou. We found ourselves there on Sunday and the site audit was scheduled for the next day. The factory was located in the neighboring city of Foshan where we arrived Monday morning. The very first step of the site inspection was checking the quality documents of the factory. It’s essential that a factory must have all the necessary documentation confirming that the products are manufactured in proper conditions. Other documents include the description of the way the products are manufactured, test reports that show the products are of high quality and some statistical information about the factory. The second step opened the factory itself for us. We were guided across different workshops to see the process of manufacturing and the conditions of the factory itself. We visited sewing, ironing, printing and other workshops. Of course the site audit wouldn’t be full without questions by the expert. Our clients told us all about the milestones of manufacturing. The conclusion upon visiting all the workshops, taking photos and learning all about the conditions implied that the factory meets all the requirements for manufacturing and exporting its products to the Customs Union countries. After this tour we finished dealing with documents and totally completed the site audit. 

Chinese people are known as very hospitable. Not only our client gave us a lift right to the factory: after the site audit we were taken to a luxury restaurant where we enjoyed almost everything the Chinese cuisine may offer. The service was very nice as well. I must admit I’ve never tried anything like that before. After the dinner the client took us to our hotel. We spent the rest of the day walking around the marvelous city of Guangzhou and headed out home the next day.

By Dmitry Kondratsky
Certification Department Specialist

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