Preparing Products for Certification in the UAE: Important Nuances

Preparing Products for Certification in the UAE: Important Nuances

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When preparing products for certification in Dubai, there are many subtleties and nuances to consider. What may seem like minor details can sometimes seriously complicate the process, slow it down, or even risk rejection.

Example 1: Transport Packaging

One example is the specifics of packaging samples for shipping to testing laboratories. Many manufacturers use wooden pallets to transport large or heavy items. However, in the UAE, special rules apply to such packaging. It is necessary to provide a special phytosanitary certificate confirming that the material has been treated in accordance with the requirements to prevent the spread of pests. Failure to provide this document may prevent testing in accredited Dubai laboratories.

Example 2: Packaging

We can help anticipate all these nuances in advance - advise on the requirements for proper packaging of samples for testing, and if necessary, even issue the accompanying documents.

Example 3: Transport Packaging Labeling

Another example of a seemingly insignificant detail that can complicate the process is improperly labeled products or packaging. The UAE has strict rules on the content and execution of product labeling. Inaccuracies on labels may result in repeated cycles of testing, delays in issuing certificates, and, consequently, significant costs. Our specialists are ready to advise you on all requirements for product labeling in accordance with UAE regulations, and if necessary, even develop label designs taking into account all standards.

Your Assistant

There are many such pitfalls in the certification process. Experienced experts can anticipate them in advance and help you eliminate potential problems beforehand. To maximize your security, we recommend that you contact specialists at the start of preparing to enter the Dubai market. Our company will be happy to help you understand all the requirements and save your resources by ensuring a smooth certification process.

Take the first step - contact us! Experienced experts at WorldWide Bridge will help you develop a clear plan of action and take into account all the nuances at the preparatory stage. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and costs in the future. Just get in touch with us, and we will discuss the most convenient format of cooperation for you.

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