Pharmtech & Ingredients

Pharmtech & Ingredients

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“Pharmtech & Ingredients” is one of the remarkable international annual exhibitions held in Russia and the countries of the European Economic Union. The word “Pharmtech” stands for different types of medical equipment, and “Ingredients” represent diverse pharmaceutical ingredients and substances – these are their main exhibits.

The delegates from 32 countries will represent 430 prominent Russian and foreign companies specialising in equipment for pharmaceutical production, as well as substances and ingredients used in different types of medicine.


Russia, Moscow, Myakinino Metro Station (line 3)
Crocus Expo IEC, hall 2


19-22 November, 2019
19-21 November: 10.00-18.00
22 November: 10.00-16.00


There are many reasons why this exhibition is worth participating.

This exhibition is not museum with “Do not touch” signs all over the place. On the contrary, every participant is welcome to get to know every piece of cutting-edge equipment, to see how it works, and find out how drugs are made from the very beginning to the end. This is quite a convenient way of getting acquainted with the pharmaceutical industry from the inside.

If we look from the professional perspective, this exhibition is a great opportunity to map the pharmaceutical market. 32 countries and 430 companies are quite enough to demonstrate which segments are leading, and in which country. Thus, drugs and pills can be a real food for thought – you’ll see the most and the least promising avenues for your company in particular, filter the countries you would like to work with, and even make predictions or develop short- and midterm business strategies.

And, of course, every conference or exhibition is about communication and socialising. People seek a conversation with other human beings, this is an integral part of the human nature. This pharmaceutical exhibition is for sure to bear fruit... and pills. There will be a great chance to have business consultations from the first-rate pharmaceutical companies, to learn their latest news and developments, to have a productive and to-the-point talk with your colleagues from different countries and discover cultural peculiarities. Maybe, during a break, when waiting for your cup of fragrant coffee, you will meet your best client or business partner ever? Our team of experts is always glad to discuss the certification process in Russia and advise you on any topic that will help you do stable and ethical business.

If you don't find your customer in shining armor during the coffee break, you can still count on the magic of social media. So, enjoy the exhibition, take great photos, and share your observations.

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