Partner Documentation: Trust But Verify

Partner Documentation: Trust But Verify

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The Fatal Mistake Exporters Make in Certification Prep

When preparing for product certification in new export markets, many companies make one common mistake - they rely on having comprehensive documentation provided by their contract manufacturers. But detailed verification often reveals that test reports, certificates, and other papers are not in proper order.

Baby Food Horror: Missing Test Reports Galore

A case in point: A baby food manufacturer decided to enter a market in the Persian Gulf region. The company was fully confident about having all the necessary documents from their Asian contractors. However, when a thorough review began, it turned out that a number of key test reports were simply missing. The firm had to spend extra time and money to conduct the missing tests.

Electronics Exports: Dodging the Documentation Minefield

In another instance, a consumer electronics company preparing to export goods to the Middle East initially had a set of documents from the manufacturer. But a detailed analysis showed that completely different documentation sets were required for different product categories, not all of which were available. Again, they had to allocate resources to fill in the gaps.

Documentation Audit: Your Passport to Certification Success

To avoid such difficulties, it is crucial to conduct a thorough audit of documentation completeness upfront, rather than assuming it is exhaustive. At this stage, you can engage competent experts who will carefully review the document package and cross-check it against all requirements of the target market. They will precisely identify which papers are truly present and which ones still need to be prepared or supplemented. This will create a clear "roadmap" for further actions and prevent unpleasant surprises down the line.

Certification Docs Under Control = Your Success Guaranteed!

If needed, our specialists will be glad to conduct a meticulous documentation audit for your export project. We will thoroughly study the requirements of a specific market, verify the availability of all necessary documents, and help plan a set of further steps. Let the experts mitigate risks at the initial stage - this will significantly simplify and accelerate the subsequent certification process for your products. Just take the first step - contact us for a consultation!

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