Korean conference on EX equipment

Korean conference on EX equipment

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By Viktoriia Artemenko.
Head of Certification Department.

Not so much time has passed from my summer journey to South Korea on a seminar on certification of explosion proof equipment organized by our partner Korea Safety Certification Co., Ltd (KSC Co. Ltd). I have enjoyed everything - people that explained a lot of interesting details on the certification of EX equipment in Korea, a Chinese certification scheme that was introduced by Deputy Director of NEPSI Mr Xin Leifu. Also, we spoke about how to avoid Major Industrial Accidents and were pleased to hear main advantages of a process safety management (PSM) on the base of case studies that were introduced by Research Professor of  Yonsei University Mr Hyuck-Myun Kwon.

For me, it was also an opportunity to present the Customs Union certification system and to explain the main points on TR CU 012 "On the safety equipment for working in hazardous environments".

I am still thinking about that great time because of new knowledge, new business opportunities, new people whom I got acquainted with and of course new culture, so authentic and so modern at the same time, which I had a chance to investigate with our friend partners from Korea Technology Convergence Research.

Looking forward to enjoying a new experience together.

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