International Certification: Your Gateway to New Markets

International Certification: Your Gateway to New Markets

Posted on Jun 11 international certification

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International product certification is often perceived by companies as a complex and costly process that hinders entry into foreign markets. However, if viewed from a different angle, certification opens up new opportunities for export-oriented businesses

Certificate as a Mark of Quality

Having an international certificate is, first and foremost, a confirmation of high quality and safety of products. Buyers in different countries have greater confidence in certified goods. Certification helps to stand out among competitors and increases the attractiveness of products for foreign partners.

Compliance with Market Requirements

Each country has its own standards and requirements for imported goods. Obtaining the necessary certificates guarantees that the client's products comply with all regulations of the target market. This eliminates the risk of refusal of customs clearance and opens the door to a new market without obstacles.

Successful Experience of Exporters

Many companies successfully use international certification to increase exports. For example, one of our clients - a manufacturer of organic cosmetics, after obtaining eco-certification, was able to enter the European and US markets. And a large manufacturer of household appliances and electronics, having obtained safety certificates, significantly expanded its sales geography and concluded contracts with foreign distributors.

Certification Requirements in Kyrgyzstan

As of March 20, 2024, a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic came into force, according to which the function of registering declarations of conformity is transferred to a single body - Kyrgyzstandart. All declarations registered by other bodies after this date are annulled or become invalid in the EAEU countries.
The process of registering declarations at Kyrgyzstandart is quite complex and bureaucratic. It is required to provide a strictly defined package of documents certified by the applicant (manufacturer), including test reports, technical specifications, descriptions, labeling, etc. The documents are carefully checked by experts for compliance with the requirements.
It is important to timely make changes to registered declarations when modifying products. Using an old declaration for a modified product may lead to fines from Kyrgyzstandart.

Optimizing the Certification Process

Undoubtedly, the process of international certification can be challenging and costly, especially if the company has no experience in this area. But these difficulties can be overcome by taking a systematic approach and enlisting the support of professionals.
Certification specialists will help navigate the requirements of specific markets, select optimal certification schemes, and prepare all necessary documentation. They will take care of interacting with certification bodies and laboratories, and ensure that the necessary tests are carried out. This approach significantly simplifies and accelerates the process of entering the international market.

Take the First Step Towards Successful Exports

If your company plans to develop an export direction, do not postpone the issue of international certification. Contact our experts, and we will help you turn certification from a barrier into a tool for successful business. Together, we will find the optimal solution that will open the way for your products to the most promising global markets.
Take the first step towards successful exports - contact us today!

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