How to perform Radio/ EMC certification in South Korea

How to perform Radio/ EMC certification in South Korea

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Types of approvals for radio/EMC equipment

Certificate of Conformity

For stand-alone equipment with both radio and EMC features

  • Alarm Receivers/Transmitters
  • Radar equipment (including for ships)
  • Cell phones
  • Modems, base stations
  • Antennas
  • Devices with RFID

Registration of Compatibility 

For stand-alone equipment with EMC-only characteristics without radio, or parts of larger equipment, even if these parts have radio features

  • Measuring equipment
  • Computer components: boards, adapters, keyboard, chips, etc.
  •  Lighting equipment
  • Connectors
  • Broadcast equipment (e.g. microphones, headphones)

Interim of Conformity 

For equipment not yet classified by RRA in either CoC or RoC

Equipment that does not fall under either CoC or RoC . Partially overlaps with the list on RoC if the equipment has technical features

EMC Authorization Process

  • Investigation technical documentation and testing, if necessary
  • Applying to the RRA
  • Obtaining a permit document
  • Product labeling

EMC Certification Case for PCI Express Adapter

Regulator Name
National Radio Research Agency (RRA)

National Radio Research Agency (RRA)

Name of permit document
KC Registration of Compliance

Document validity period

Can there be multiple models in one document?
Yes, but all models must be of the same type and have a unique identification, uncertain identification  like "X, where X can be from 0 to 9" is not allowed

Are tests required? There are two options.

1. Laboratory test reports issued in countries that have a valid Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with South Korea: in the case of EMC, these are the USA, Canada, the UK and the European Union. In the case of radio, this is only the US and Canada. Such test reports, if they are issued according to IECEE/EN international standards, can be adopted for the RRA .

2. What to do for clients who do not have test reports?
In this case, you need to provide a sample for testing in the laboratory.  One sample is needed. But since the PCI Express adapter is an integral part of the computer, you will also need a computer for testing, which must also be provided. As a rule, the laboratory is engaged in customs clearance of samples.

General Principles of Radio /EMC Certification

Is the Site Audit Required?

Do I need an annual inspection control?

Lead time for issuing a certificate
If tests are necessary, the entire period is about 4 weeks, including the tests themselves, analysis of technical documentation, filing an application with the RRA and receiving a document.
If there are test reports from MRA laboratories, the period is reduced to 1-2 weeks

Required documents 

- Operation manual with specification. Documents in English are accepted.
For the radio, the specification of the modules is also required. and PCB diagrams/drawings
- Application (provided by the laboratory, can be completed in English) - Certificates for communication modules (certified separately) - Business registration documents (manufacturer's title documents)
- Documents on registration of the importer's business (title documents of the importer)
- Letter of power of attorney for the applicant ( Letter of Representation)


 In fact, only a legal entity registered in South Korea can be an applicant. The fact is that in order to register a permit document, you need to upload data about the product, manufacturer, tests, etc. to a special registry services. Thus, the applicant can be an importer, a third party, or even a laboratory that can upload all the data to this register. The manufacturer, importer or third party must obtain in advance from RRA a special code called the Grantee Code from RRA, which already appears in the authorization document. In this case, the holder of the certificate can still be a foreign manufacturer.

Applying for a Grantee Code is carried out through the RRA website and may take a few business days

At the same time, it is important to know that after a year of issuing the CoC , an inspection is carried out by the RRA, therefore, in case of violations during the registration of the certificate, a large fine may be imposed on the applicant, or even a criminal case, and the certificate will, of course, be canceled. There is no such rule for RoC .
Therefore, the applicant bears full responsibility for product safety .

NB about Applicant 

If the tests are conducted in Korea, as a rule, the laboratories enter the data into the registry on their own.
If the applicant is a foreign manufacturer, then this certificate can be used by different companies, for example, many distributors/importers.
If the applicant for CoC/RoC is an importer/distributor, then only he can use this authorization document, use by other persons is impossible. In this case, the Grantee Code is assigned not to the manufacturer, but to the importer/distributor.

WWBridge can get your products approved for sale in South Korea with our services. We can:
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Carry out testing in official laboratories. We can issue CB Test Reports and Certificates complete with any national differences that may apply. We are also able to prepare test reports for wireless equipment..
Deal with the whole submission of your product and can work with local organizations to test and certify your product.
Assist in renewing or maintaining certificates when required.

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