How to Certify Food Products in China quickly (GACC Approval)

How to Certify Food Products in China quickly (GACC Approval)

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Certification in China for food

Being successful in the Chinese market requires taking all the rules and details into account. Each misstep leads you to the wrong path and getting back on the track takes time. And time is money. For a pathfinder, it all can be a complete mess but hold on and keep your eyes on the prize. China is a digitalized country, which welcomes foreign producers with a special platform enabling them to sign up. This option makes the procedure much easier!

You can sign up by yourself or with the help of local agents. However, the platform, though user-friendly and helpful, does not slough you off of the rest of the bureaucracy. 

Registration of an exporter

When registered on the General Administration of the Chinese Customs (GACC) platform, you get your registration number to put on the package of the exporting goods. This number enables the Chinese authorities to track the products within the country. Besides, this number saves time when passing customs. 

Note that the food (meat, grain, etc.) producers are only allowed to register once they obtain the certificate of fumigation, or phytosanitary certificate, in the country of production. Those who export processed agricultural products should also provide a certificate of origin to GACC. 

Product testing for certification

A quarantine certificate enabling the product export is issued based on the local testing at the Chinese laboratory accredited for such a service. The testing is aimed at approving the quality of the goods in question. Once done and the result is positive the laboratory issues the test reports. The costs of the testing depend on the planned distribution channel (online or offline). The client can choose both. You should also consider the recommendation letter beforehand since the Chinese authorities examine them very cautiously. 

Product marking

Last but not least is the product marking. First of all, the label should be translated into Chinese. Secondly, the special marking, such as Eco or Bio, is subject to obtaining the Label Verification Certificate for Imported Food to prove it. Otherwise, there will be fees.

So, for customs clearance, you will need the following documents:

  • export declaration,
  • invoice,
  • waybill (bill of lading, air waybill),
  • certificate of origin,
  • packing lists,
  • freight bills,
  • certificates of conformity on the product,
  • label verification certificate.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the GACC may refuse to let the cargo enter the country or suspend it if prohibited microorganisms, ingredients, and additives are found in products, or if you provide incorrect certificates and labels.

Before goods intended for retail sale are let to enter the market for the first time, a registration dossier is opened at the border division of the customs department for inspection and quarantine. The process takes 10-15 business days.

We are always ready to provide you with information support and help prepare all the necessary documents. With good guidelines and the documents in hand, you will not only save time and money but also relieve yourself of any problems when entering the Chinese market.
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