Guide for 5D certification scheme for TR CU 010 «On the safety of machinery and equipment»

Guide for 5D certification scheme for TR CU 010 «On the safety of machinery and equipment»


Step 1 – inquiry evaluation. 

We receive all information required for request processing – technical specification of the product, drawings, European/manufacturer’s test reports and HS code. Based on provided data, the expert confirms that the product, as ex-proof equipment, is subject to TR CU 012 «On safety of equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres». Additionally, TR CU 010 «On the safety of machinery and equipment» is applicable. 

Step 2 – choice of certification scheme. 

TR CU 010 «On the safety of machinery and equipment» includes several schemes – 1d, 3d and 5d. The scheme choice depends on the facility type where the equipment will be installed and operated. The client informs us that the facility is a chemical plant. In Russia, according to Rostechnadzor classification this plant is considered as a hazardous facility because there is a high risk of accidents or other incidents (emergency situations). Taking into account this fact, 5d scheme is applicable here. However, please note, that, additionally, it is better to specify this topic with the end client in Russia who is aware according to which scheme he should get approval documents. Below you find the general terms when 5d scheme is be applicable:
  1. equipment is supplied to hazardous industrial facilities;
  2. it is impossible to test products before they are installed on the location of their operation;
  3. products are innovative ones.

Step 3 – certification process.

Certification scheme for Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to TR CU 010 is determined – 5d scheme for hazardous facilities. Time to gather documents and launch the process! Please note that TR CU 010 «On the safety of machinery and equipment» implies elaboration of such mandatory documents as Justification of Safety (JoS) and technical passport. These documents should be prepared in the Russian language and meet Russian GOST standards. At manufacturer’s request, WorldWideBridge can assist with documents elaboration.

Please remember that 5d scheme for TR CU 010 requires factory inspection. Let’s discuss this step separately to have a full image of the process.

Step 4 – factory inspection. 

To issue DoC to TR CU 010 Russian expert from an accredited Certification Body should visit production site of the manufacturer. General lead time of inspection is 1 day. Aim of the site audit – examination of product construction and on-site testing of the declared product. Tests are carries based on manufacturer’s testing methodology only. 

Step 5 – DoC registration. 

Once the inspection is done and the expert has made a positive decision, Type Certificate is issued and only based on Type Certificate the Declaration of Conformity can be registered. Validity period of DoC is 5 years. Note, that applicant for certification should be a legal resident of Customs union countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, or Kirgizia). At manufacturer’s request, WorldWideBridge can act as applicant.

If you have any questions or inquiry, please contact our team. 

WorldWideBridge is always at your disposal!

By Evgenia Kovaka
Key Account Manager

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