FAC issuance: check the documents carefully

FAC issuance: check the documents carefully

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It is clear that Telecom approval (FAC approval) is required for all telecommunication devices that have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and access to public networks, which was also the case for the trackers. The process for the getting FAC approval is smooth and transparent

The required documents for registering FAC approval


Then, we prepare and approve an application, compile and confirm the draft and send the package of documents to the Federal Agency of Communication (Rossvyaz) for final registration. 

Although the steps seems to be simple and obvious, the whole process still needs to be managed with the highest precision and attention, especially, when we are talking about the applicant agreement between WorldWideBridge (or any other applicant) and the manufacturer.

Huge company - many faces

We want to present one case study of large industrial transnational corporation. You may suppose that this corporation is quite a large enterprise with hundreds of offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Sometimes, those facilities do not have the same name and mostly work as corporation’s suppliers having their own names and addresses.

So, as in case with the trackers, the corporation was only used as a brand, or a trade-mark, while the manufacturing party, according to the operational documents, was another company based in China. 

But there is even more to come. This Chinese company was only the legal entity; with yet another company acting as the actual manufacturer, also from China. This was clearly indicated in the trackers’ test reports and datasheets. 

So which of the tree companies do you think should sign the applicant agreement?

Undoubtedly, that would be the real manufacturer based in China, and not their legal entity or the corporation. Otherwise, the discord between the data in the FAC approval and technical documentation and applicant agreement will lead to troublesome customs clearance investigations. The manufacturer name should be the same in all the enclosed documents, technical and organizational. 

Having detected the manufacturer correctly, we moved on to the applicant agreement signing and further FAC DoC’s issuance.

So please, be careful and pay attention to all the documents used for the approval process. In case you have any doubts concerning this, you may always lean on our assistance via [email protected]

By Maria Lazba
Account Manager

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