EAC mark for products that are to be exported to Customs union counties

EAC mark for products that are to be exported to Customs union counties

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So, according to the regulation approved by the decision of the commission of the customs union in July 15, 2011. No. 711 (including amendments approved by the decision of the Customs Union Commission dated September 23, 2011 No. 800), this is a sign of product circulation on the market of the Member States of the Customs Union. EAC is an abbreviation and stands for Eurasian Conformity, which means Eurasian compliance. Such a mark indicates that products bearing this mark have passed all the procedures for confirmation of conformity established in the technical regulations of the Customs Union and comply with the requirements of all technical regulations of the Customs Union that apply to these products.

Description of the mark. The image of the EAC sign is a combination of three stylized letters “E”, “A” and “C”, which have the same height and width and make up the exact proportions of the square on a light (Pic. 1) or on a dark background (Pic. 2 )


You can download the images from the links below: 

EAC mark (white background) 

EAC mark (black background) 


The size of an EAC sign is determined by the manufacturer (supplier), who has the right to use it. The size must be at least 5 mm. The image of a EAC sign should guarantee the clarity of its elements and their distinguishability with the naked eye against the general background of the object.According to the aforementioned regulation, there are several rules for the use of a EAC sign, which must be observed:
  1. The EAC sign has to be applied to each unit of production, packaging or accompanying documentation.
  2. The image of the EAC on the market of the Parties shall be one-color and contrast with the color of the surface on which it is applied.
  3. The place of application of the EAC sign on products, containers (packaging) and documentation is established in the technical regulations of the Customs Union


Manufacturers of products have the right to mark it with the EAC sign if the products have passed all the established procedures for confirming compliance in the territory of any of the Parties, which is confirmed by the documents provided for the relevant forms of conformity assessment in the Customs Union.

EAC mark can be integrated into the original manufacturer nameplate or added additionally as a separate sticker.

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Prepared by Nadezhda Kyrbasova
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