Changes in the registration process for Certificates/Declarations of conformity to TR CU/2021

Changes in the registration process for Certificates/Declarations of conformity to TR CU/2021

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Changes in registration process of the DoC and CoC in Eurasian Economic Union

First of all, we should note that now we can use the unified register of declarations of conformity and certificates of conformity issued by Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan in other words issued in any country of Eurasian Economic Union. 

The same register you can find for the Certification bodies and laboratories: 

Changes in registration process of the Certificate of Conformity to TR EAEU

The registration process of the Certificate of Conformity to TR EAEU was changed less. The main idea of the changes is to allow certification procedure take place only after collection of all required technical and organizational documents such as:
  1.  Local representative agreement or trade contract and shipment invoice
  2. Company registration documents of the local representative (applicant)
  3. The operational manual, drawings, technical passports, safety cases, strength calculations, etc. (according to the requirement of a certain TR EAEU) in the Russian Language.
  4. Labels, nameplates. 
It means that approval starts from these documents preparation that generally makes the second part of the process easier. The second part starts when the application is registered and we can make the factory inspection (if required) and arrange all tests. 

But what is about the Declaration of Conformity to TR EAEU?

Starting from January 2021 certification bodies have no right to register the DoC in Russia. The applicant (local representative) should apply for registration by himself. He should prepare all the documents, conduct tests to meet all the standards, and then upload the application to the Federal Accreditation System (FAS) - through the personal company page.

It is worth noting that CBs in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan still have the right to register the DoC to TR EAEU that can influence the market situation –will be a decrease in certification activity in Russia because most of the local representatives (distributors) are not ready to the changes. 

WorldWideBridge LLC started registering DoCs through the personal company page on FSA in 2019. It means that the process is not new for us and we are informed about all details. 

Expert work on your requests with DoC registration

Taking into consideration our experience we can offer our client a wide range of services connected with DoC registration.

  • The main priority of our service is to act as a local representative that allows foreign manufacturers not only to forget about registration issues but also control the export activity and save money. You can issue one set of approval documents for several importers (distributors) through attracting WWBridge as an applicant that makes you independent in terms of distribution.
  • We can help to register the DoC via a digital signature that belongs to another company (distributor or representative of the foreign manufacturer) that acts as an applicant in the process.
  • Also, online support is available (via Zoom or TeamViewer)
  • We can collect all the necessary documents, arrange tests, male all the drafts and application letters in case your local representative is ready for registration but does not want to be involved in the preparation process.
We are ready, so keep in touch and feel free to contact our team for inquiries through [email protected].

By Viktoriia Artemenko
Head of Certification Department

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